Having sex with a guy on the first day of meeting him makes you a cheap dog without value — Nigerian Lady says


A Facebook user tagged all ladies who have sex on the first date as cheap, valueless, and not forgetting to use the ‘b’ word, a bvtch, Dog apparently.

Taking to popular Facebook group, YabaLeftOnline Ward, the young lady wrote: “If you fvck him on the first day of meeting him and call it love at first sight, my dear you are nothing but a dog. So cheap and valueless”

The comment section of course was not in favour of the Lady, identified on Facebook as Nicky Sherry Cole.

A user tackled her look, “Ugly girls dey like raise themselves above their capacity”, another user, a Lady identified as Aigbokhae Omon wrote; ‘It will not be well with that person that sent you on an errand when God was sharing beauty’

Valentine Val Carter wrote: “Is that why you look like you are crying? Tell me the truth how many round did he go at first? I guess you are a local dog for experiencing it for the first time”.

Ezenwa Heart wrote: “Only your character can make the guy keep you; so saying that having sex with a guy in the first time makes no sense my dear poster; Character speaks louder than first time sex.”



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