4 Wrong Reasons People Get Married

He who finds a wife finds a good thing and the same thing goes for the woman. But some people go into marriage for all the wrong reasons. This is definitely the beginning of cracks in that marriage because when those things fade, boredom sets in and you find yourself choked in a relationship you do not want. Find four wrong reasons people get married below.

• Pressure

Families and friends often push us into relationships either by force or persuasion. Some are done out of pity or love. This pressure gets to us so bad that we want to say yes to the next available man on the list and this is wrong. Don’t yield to pressure.

• Childbearing

Who doesn’t love to have cute little chubby arms wrapped around our necks while we gladly show them off like trophies or medals? But we shouldn’t allow our love for children to get to us so bad we want to settle for just anybody to help us with that. Remember, your child deserves the best father too.

• Financial terms

Money is the root of all evil, yet we want it all the time. It’s not new when we hear of people getting married only for financial gains. Such unions are outrageous.

• Time

Some women who are in their 30s begin to worry that they are aging, and so, they give in to anyone asking for their hands in marriage, whether young or old.


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