7 Things That Can Make Your First Date Go Wrong

When you schedule a date with someone, especially when it’s your first time with them, the goal is to know who they really are and the day can either linger in your mind for a long time or pass as one of those dates.

Your date has a complete picture of the kind of person you are in just 12 minutes and will decide whether they want you or not. In this article, we serve you seven things that can make your first date go wrong.

1. Arriving late

Don’t show up 20 minutes after the agreed time. If you do, it tells your date that you do not value other people’s time. They probably left a lot of things undone to be there, so value their time. Arrive as early as possible. It gives off good vibes from the get-go.

2. Being rude to the staff

The worst thing you can do on a first date is to act and speak to people like some spoilt kid from the TV series, “Big Mouth.” Don’t order the restaurant staff around like they are your slave. It makes your date uncomfortable and shows that you do not respect others.

3. Constantly checking your phone

Hello! What are you doing? Drop that phone at home or in the car. No one wants to be seen as boring, right? Well, that’s how you’ll make your date feel if you keep checking your phone and they assume you are not into them at all. They might leave while you are still seated.

4. Throwing up

Are you sick? Do you need a doctor? Go to the hospital, not a date. You can just reschedule. It’s fine that way. And please, eat what you are used to. A first date is not the time to try something new, you might feel sick after eating it.

5 Talking about your ex

Everyone’s got an ex but nobody cares about how you two hooked up or broke up or how he slapped you the night he got drunk. Don’t say a word about them or maybe you should just get back with them instead of coming to date.

6. Refuse to pay your way

Because it is your first date with them, splitting the bill makes more sense except they insist on paying it all. You don’t want to be seen as a liability, so go for your wallet and wait for them to tell you not to pay or you can just do the whole payment since it’s no one’s job.

7. Leaving before your date

Only when it is a matter of life and death should you leave your date seated. You are probably busy, but why not wait till they are ready to leave too? So both of you can exit together. That way, your date will know that they might have a chance for another date. It is more ideal to leave together.


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