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Islamic clerics expose threats posed by Shiites to Nigeria

Islamic scholars, clerics and Muslim intellectuals have highlighted the threats posed by the practice of Shiism to the sovereignty of Nigeria.

Speaker after speaker, the scholars who roundly condemn the Shiites said the sect have a political agenda that is inimical to the growth and continued existences of Nigeria.

The clerics drawn from all parts of northern Nigeria said the Shia doctrines and beliefs are based on apostasies that violate the tenets of Islam.
The scholars who were gathered at the presentation of the book, The fallacy of Shiites Beliefs, by Professor Umar Labdo say the sect want to take over Nigeris so they can spread their doctrines and beliefs to distort Islam on a wider scale.

Prof. Salisu Shehu of the Nigeria Surpreme Council for Islamic Affairs, NSCIA, said the Shiites are interested in capturing Nigeria and are doing all they could to spread their believes because Nigeria has a significant Muslim population that is higher than the population of Muslims in the Arab countries.
He said this has made Nigeria to be of strategic importance to their ideology because many Afrcian countries depend on Nigeria for so many things.
The Professor revealed that the Shiites are also interested in capturing political power and have instructed their members to ensure they get their Permanent Voters Cards, PVCs.
He said they intend to use the PVCs not just to capture political positions but also to ascertain their political strength in Nigeria so they could achieve their aims.
“There are reasons they want to capture Nigeris  and this is because Nigeria is of strategic importance to Africa  and many countries depend on NigeriaI, so they are using political propaganda,” he said.

Sheik Kabir Gombe of JIBWIS described Shiism as the most dangerous sect confronting Islam in Nigeria.
He said iit is unfortunate that the class of people they normally target are the  youths who are the bedrock of the society using ‘strong weapons’ such as offer of temporary marriage and taking advantage of the poverty situation in the country to convince the youths to embrace Shiism

Gombe said as far as he knows, temporary marriage  as practiced by Shiites is not Mariage but adultery and formication

Shehu Abdullahi Bahago, the national  leader of JIBWIS advised other Muslims to come together and have a strategy against the Shiites so that in any part of Nigeria, Muslims would not compromise their stands for their doctrine.
He appealed to other Muslims  to go out en masses to collect their PVCs “so there will be no Shia with any entity in Nigeria.”

Prof. Abdullahi Mahdi on his part said Shiites are comiitting apostasy by distorting Islamic injunctions. He said the gathering of Islamic scholars on the issue is commendable and encouraged them to do more.

Chairman of the occasion, Secretary generals of JNI, Dr. Khalid Abubakar Aliu said It’s important to venture into writing so as to have a record to check the excesses of Shiism.
“We should come together and work, intellectuals and leaned people should go into writing.
On his part,  the Emir of Hadejia, Adamu Abubakar Maje who was represented by Galadima Hadejia, Alhaji Usman Abdullaziz said the emirate council would be supportive of any move to curtail the IMN extremism.,” he said.

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