Outrage as Saudi Arabia executes Indonesian maid for killing boss while he was raping her

An Indonesian maid identified as Tuti Tursilawati has been executed in Saudi Arabia for killing her boss while he was raping her.

Mum-of-one, Tuti Tursilawati was executed after she killed her boss who was raping her, and this sparked outrage in Jakarta.

Tuti Tursilawati was killed on Monday in the city of Ta’if, a city in Saudi Arabia’s Mecca Province. The Saudi government failed to warn the maid’s family or consular staff before she was killed, said officials. Her execution has prompted protests from Indonesia.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo called Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister, Adel al-Jubeir, demanding to know why Jakarta had not been informed about Monday’s execution of Tuti Tursilawati.

It was the fourth time in three years that Saudi Arabia had failed to notify Jakarta before executing an Indonesian migrant worker.

Mr Widodo was quoted as saying by the office of his cabinet secretary:

We have called Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister and conveyed our protest.

The Saudi ambassador to Indonesia had been summoned to discuss the matter, the president added.

Indonesian advocacy group Migrant Care said in September that Ms Tuti Tursilawati had been defending herself from being raped.

Abidin Fikri, a member of Indonesia’s parliament, criticized the killing, saying:

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia has ignored principles of human rights, including a right for everyone to live.

Ms Tursilawati was executed just a week after Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister al-Jubeir, met his Indonesian counterpart, Retno Marsudi, and Mr Widodo in Jakarta to discuss migrant workers’ rights. During the meeting, Mr Marsudi emphasised the importance of having a mandatory consular notification before carrying out death penalties.

Amnesty International Indonesia said that Saudi Arabia had damaged diplomatic ties and had behaved unethically following the execution of the mother-of-one.

Outrage as Saudi Arabia executes maid for killing boss while he was raping her

Outrage as Saudi Arabia executes maid for killing boss while he was raping her

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  1. Fm'jo God'spet says

    Meaning they support rape…evil country

  2. Akindeko Omowunmi says

    Anti Christ country.Your judgement waiting for you and your unborn children.

  3. Raid Man says

    This is injustice

  4. Chibuogu Nwabufo says

    But they not rap their own women, insensitive and self centered people

  5. Cristina Tatiana Dumitrescu says

    Muslims.Their women not rap.If you go there must respect them.laws.But for them.e erything is legal.Strange ONU not scream.nothing about HUMAN RIGHTS.NO BECAUSE IS ABOUT ARABIA SAUDIT.THEY CAN DO EVERYTHING COZ HAVE OIL.

  6. Ruth McIntosh says

    Rape is rape.
    This is not justice

  7. Oyesiji Akeem Enny says

    This is on fear

  8. Kshitiz Shrestha says

    This is the kind of justice which keeps crime rate low.

  9. Isaac Uka says

    Saudi is fast becoming a theater of the absurd.

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