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Old Nigerian fashion and beauty trends that were revamped

In recent years, fashion and beauty trends that were used in the old days have been brought backed and reused by the younger generation. These styles and trends are unique to the Nigerian culture.

Fashion and beauty trends that they were thought to have been used and gone out of style were brought out and revamped for modern day use.

These trends vary from hairdos to arts and crafts used in the fashion and beauty industry. Some of these styles were even what most of the younger generation thought was outdated.

With these revamp of Nigerian beauty and fashion trends, it is fun to take a look down memory lane to see some of the styles that were strong in enough to make a comeback to the fashion and beauty industry.

We have gathered a list of fashion trends that were revamped into new trends below:

1) Oleku:

Oleku styles were the hottest trends in the old days and it was a trend many thought was gone until it made a comeback in 2015.

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2) Agbada trend:

Agbada trend was once something that younger men thought was only meant for older men but the new trend is that younger men rock agbada best.


3) Agbada for women:

There was a time when the idea of women wearing abgada was unthinkable even the thought of it alone might have been a taboo, but now, women rock agbada like it was made for them. Some women even wear it like a dress without the trouser the way men do.


4) Natural hair:

There was a time when relaxed hair was the trending thing and everyone on natural hair were looked at as local or uncivilized. However, now the natural hair trend as become the most sort after trend with female Nigerians going back to their roots.


5) Traditional Ileke:

Our traditional ileke has been created to look more elegant and sophisticated compared to the old ones that were worn straight and long without any creative design to it.

  • Old:


  • New:


6) Afro trend:

In the old days afro hairstyles were worn in big puffs over the head but now they have been revamped into buns. These buns are sometimes styled to the side, middle or lower part of the head.

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