Beautiful lady in police uniform goes viral with sweet photos

There is a popular saying that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. This is very true because the topic of beauty is very subjective as an observer gets to decide what is beautiful.

But there are some things which are just too beautiful for one person to behold. And such beauty tends not to bring arguments but acceptance from all.

This is the case of a female Ghanaian police officer who has melted hearts on social media with her beauty in the latest trending photos

In one of the photos sighted by newsnem the fair-looking lady could be seen in a black police uniform with a black beret as she smiled for the camera.

In another photo, the beautiful policewoman wore a white shirt version of her uniform neatly tucked in her trousers as she held her phone with both hands as if to make a call.

While the real identity of the lady is not known and it cannot be confirmed if she is a real police officer or not, the photos which were originally shared by the photographer have gone viral.

Many people on social media who believe that she is a policewoman have been dazzled by her sheer beauty.

@lordrain111 begged the lady officer to arrest him: “Who’s this officer self? Please I’m a suspect come and arrest me and take me to your house.”

@fannykwafoaddy saluted her: “I salute you beautiful and brave young officer.”

@p.scollections had love for women in the force: “I have so much LOVE for women in force.”

@nanagyasi77 was impressed with the lay’s beauty: “Wow beautiful lady in uniform nnnwah.”

@fauzy167 urged the lady to keep smiling: “Beautiful policewoman. I’m proud of you. Keep smiling beautiful.”




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