‘I Believe She Is In Heaven’ – Mother Who Killed Daughter To Stop Her Having Sex With Men


A mum allegedly stabbed her 11-year-old daughter to death four days before her birthday to prevent her from having sex with men. Rosa Alcides Rivera then drove the body to a hospital and told first responders “my baby is gone”, according to reports.

The child reportedly had 15 stab wounds to her back and a wound on her right arm.

Police in Orlando, Florida, USA, said Aleyda Rivera died from multiple stab wounds and her mother is charged with first-degree murder.

It is believed that when hospital staff saw the body, they told Rivera it was too late and there was nothing that could be done for her girl, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

The 28-year-old mum then allegedly got into an altercation with staff members and pulled out a knife. It is reported by Fox that she later told investigators she killed her daughter to “prevent her from having sex” with men.

Orange County Sheriff’s investigators reportedly said the incident started early on Sunday when Rivera took her daughter to the home of a local man and accused him of having sex with the child.

According to reports, Rivera said she didn’t see her daughter having sex with the local man, nor did the girl tell her she was having sex.

Witnesses told detectives the youngster denied having sex with anyone, and there is no evidence to back Rivera’s claims but enquiries are continuing, it is reported.

An arrest report said Rivera first denied stabbing Aleyda but reportedly eventually admitted to killing her. Rivera reportedly told detectives she believes her daughter is in heaven.

Investigators are working to determine where the alleged stabbing incident occurred. Rivera was arrested at the scene and later charged with murdering her young daughter.



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