Egusi soup is a popular dish I dare say it’s the most popular soup in nigeria because every tribe seems to have specific ways to prepare this delicacy. In the Igbo land they call this soup Ofe Egusi, the Hausa’s refer to the soup as Miyan Gushi while the Yoruba’s call it Efo Elegushi, this further proves that it is definitely versatile and every tribe enjoys it.

The Egusi soup is made from melon seeds and like I said earlier its a dish that is enjoyed by Nigerians and non Nigerians alike. There are certainly different method’s to preparing as you might have figured since it is enjoyed by different tribes but the most popular methods would be the;


  1. Caking method which is putting the egusi into the pot before adding the oil and other ingredients
  2. Fried Egusi method which is the most popular. This method see’s the oil placed in the pot and the egusi follow and then there is the;
  3. Akpuruakpu which is the process of molding the egusi into balls, which would be added into an already boiling sauce made from meat, meat stock and other delicious ingredients. The aim of this method is to be able to chew the egusi like meat and it is most popular in the eastern and some southern parts of nigeria.


What You’ll Need To Prepare Egusi Soup

  • 600g grounded egusi,
  • 2 cooking spoons of red oil,
  • Beef (Cow or goat beef)
  • Shaki (cow tripe)
  • Pomo (beaten and roasted cow skin)
  • Dry fish or smoked fish
  • Dried crayfish
  • Stock fish
  • Fresh grounded or dry pepper; black pepper
  • Stock cube and Salt to taste
  • Vegetable (Spinach, Pumpkin leaves, Piper guineense [uziza])
  • 1tsp Locust beans

Serve with Eba, Amala, Semovita, Wheat, Pounded Yam, Fufu…




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