Bobrisky: Controversial movie debut, Profile and all you need to know about the latest Nollywood Actor-Actress

Bobrisky whose gender has always been a confusion to himself and the public has caused further confusion after his debut in a recently released Nollywood movie. His Fans are confused whether to refer him as an actor or actress.

You are not a typical Nigerian if you are not aware of the Internet sensation that goes by the name Bobrisky. Even if you don’t own a phone of your own, you should have seen his/her pictures and heard about him/her.

Lets take a brief look into Bobrisky’s career including his recent Nollywood debut, profile and biography.



Bobrisky was born in the year 1992 at Ebute meta in Lagos as Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju.

Bobrisky is obviously one of those children who grew up wanting to mimic or be like  the opposite sex but tried to contain that desire until recently when he came into a lot of money and could afford it.

Bobrisky throwback

The Nigerian male Barbie grew up in an ordinary average polygamous family. His father is married to three wives, and the celebrity is the youngest child.

He started fending for himself when he turned 16 and as a child, his mother repeatedly beat him for his feminine inclinations. Bobrisky disclosed that his mother once hired hooligans for him.

He attended Kings College and went on to University of Lagos – UNILAG for his undergraduate in Accounting.

He received the title of Best Dressed Male at his faculty and the University of Lagos and soon became the star of the campus.

Bobrisky, by virtue of his character introduced into the Nigerian society a set of ethics and morals which are not aligned with the Norm (social) of the nation Nigeria as so, he has been received with mixed feelings as he has a fair number of fans and critics alike.


Bobrisky has a very rich Muslim background, his parents are devoted Muslims who never jokes with their praying hours (5 times in a day). Unlike his parents, Bobrisky chose to be a Christian, citing stress as his reason for neglecting his parent’s religion. Although, we can’t judge how intimate he is with religion as we couldn’t get the name of the church he attends because he kept that from the media.


Many people have always wondered how and where Bobrisky gets his money from. The Internet sensation majorly rakes money from his controversy and that is why he strives a lot to remain in the controversy. His major source of income is from online promotion done via his social media handles which have a large Fan base. Many users of Snapchat began to follow him when rumor began to spread that his lover could be a man.

Meanwhile he has some other sources of income which are:

1. VIDEO VIXEN: Bobrisky is paid to appear and dance in music videos. He recently featured in a video of an upcoming artiste and a Popular singer, Harrysong. He made a cameo appearance on the new music video by the Alterplate Boss, Harrysong, titled ‘Report Card’ which recently dropped and the popular crossdresser looked stunning performing alongside the music star.

2. MODELING: Bobrisky model for some local designers who use the self acclaimed Barbie to promote the female traditional designs. He also models for a lot of makeup companies who at the same time benefits from the promotion that he does for them via his Instagram and other social handles.

3. MARKETING: Bobrisky earns a hooping sum money often promoting cosmetics products, most especially bleaching cream. This is part of the foundation of his wealth. He started working with prominent cosmetic Entrepreneurs like Toyin Lawani before their friendship turned sour.

4.  SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCER: Bobrisky promotes music via social media for a lot of upcoming artistes and Popular artistes such as MC Galaxy. Bobrisky who is fond of twerking online dances to their songs and promotes them via his social media handles. He earns between N50,000 –  N200,000 per song.

4. ACTING: After doing so well as a Video Vixen, a role for a movie was not a difficult task for Bobrisky. With the help of Magic Movies Ind. LTD. Bobrisky landed his major role in Nollywood. Many people found it difficult to believe until the first picture behind the scene emerged online.

After the emergence of the photos onset came out, many were anxious to know the movie title and when it will be released.

In less than a month the movie was out, Bobrisky did not only feature in it but he was the lead role of the movie titled ‘Bobrisky in Love’ and it became a controversy in the Nollywood Industry after the promotional poster was released to the public.

Many Actors frowned at Bobrisky’s acceptance in the Nollywood industry. A recent one is a Comic actor, Charles Awurum, who recently took to his social media page to express his resentment against how some movie producers now feature the popular cross-dresser, Idris Okuneye, popularly called Bobrisky, in their movies. Awurum couldn’t hide his feelings as he described featuring the cross-dresser in movies as a shame to the industry. After he shared the video, Bobrisky replied him with a post on his Instagram page, in which he insulted the comic actor.


Bobrisky has had to answer questions too many times about his sexuality that he just doesn’t give a damn anymore. Some have called him gay, while others toy with the idea of him being a transgender, but whatever dirt has been hurled at him, he has remained resolute and ready to throw back his own punches.

In an Instagram post, he wrote: Did I hear some of you saying I don’t have a pussy and breast?  Oh sorry, what has your breast and pussy given you? Iphone and 100k? I am sorry for you.

I don’t have any butt but my bae got me a Benz and a house. Some of you that have breast and pussy, have you asked yourself why your man still cheat on you. Awon Olodo.

He has never directly refuted the claims that he’s a gay or not. However, people have come to conclusion that he’s a gay because he’s a man attracting other men to himself while using heavy cosmetics and dressing like a woman.

Bobrisky recently dropped his male salutation as he rants that he prefers to be addressed as a ‘Beautiful Lady. Watch the video where he made this request below.


There are many controversial celebrities that believe in cross-dressing, which is the act of putting on costumes, dress and other attires that belongs to an opposite sex or gender.

Denrele, Charly boy are just some few examples but Bobrisky took the cross-dressing trend to another level which he used to raise controversies and popularity to himself.

As said earlier, Bobrisky is one of those names that always make social media go ‘crazy’ and ‘unsettle’ due to his ever controversial updates of posts, pictures, videos and messages.

Early last year, Bobrisky released another controversial statement made on his Snap chat account saying he was more beautiful than 75% of Nigerian girls.

The status update didn’t go down well with Nigeria ladies as they therefore hit back at him, calling him names and also made fun of the lifestyle he chose to live. Also on a notable occasion, a Nigerian presidential aide for reasons best known to him, walked out on sight of Bobrisky at the residence.

For months, Bobrisky was the trendiest person on Snapchat and scored more than 30 thousand views a day! Fans eagerly awaited photos of Bobrisky and his lover.

This unusual guy now enjoys more popularity than most Nigerian show business stars. He communicates with many of them.

In October 2016 he posted a photo with N7 million, which he received from his business partner, patron, and supporter. He calls this person “My bae”.

At the beginning of the year, he stated that he planned to move to Banana Island, where his mysterious bae is living near Linda Ikeji’s mansion.

Assets & Net Worth

Bobrisky is an entrepreneur who uses some of skills and knowledge to create income and wealth for himself even though he brags about it on social media a lot. It is said that he performs as MC(master of ceremony) for high-profile events and occasions.

As for where he got funds for his business, Bob was once a choreographer, taught people dances and earned money on the side while in the University. He also attended various dance events.

He also capitalised on his sense of fashion and got involved in buying and selling clothes.

He would apply modest facial makeup in his years in the university and wear women’s attire and deceived men in clubs and bars, but always decline when an admirer expressed a desire for intimacy.

Part of his business strategy was to dress unusually to attract mostly female customers to his store.

Prior to becoming famous, he started out by re-selling clothes to his classmates and doubling the price. Not long after, he was able to open his first boutique in Ikeja. He called it Bob, which was the short for Bobo, his old childhood nickname. Later, when his lifestyle started to attract even more people, he took the name Bob, added the word ‘risky’ and became the infamous Bobrisky. He later opened another shop for selling makeup.

He also sells creams which he named “Bobrisky bleaching cream”. The cream called Bob Whitening Cream became internationally famous, with exports to countries like the United Kingdom and Germany. He claims that his cream, which costs $400, sells everyday. This brings in quite a fortune every year. However, we could not find his cream in any of the online beauty stores, so all we have to go by is his word.

Although, he boasted of having $250, 000 in his bank account and more. Unfortunately, we couldn’t provide his accurate net worth as it is not available online.


Bobrisky controversial lifestyle and sexuality have earned him to be one of the most searched people online in Nigeria.

According to Taiwo Kola-Ogunlade, of Google’s Communications and Public Affairs Manager, Anglophone West Africa, disclosed that Bobrisky was the most searched individual from October 26 to November 2016

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