Selling Gift Card to Chinese For Bitcoin or Naira with High-Value Return

Gift cards, as many of us already know first came to the notice way back in the year 1994 by Neiman Marcus. Then it was used as a payment method and later on Blockbuster Entertainment reinvented it, to the popular gift coin we know now, which can now be used for purchases online and also for the exchange of Bitcoin and other accepted cryptocurrencies.

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What is Gift Cards

In defining gift coins, it all boils down to as an already loaded payment card with a certain amount of money ready to be used for future and present purposes.

The uses of gift cards can always be dependent on the holder’s intention. Users may oblige to use it as a discount voucher in the website where the gift card is been issued, or rather still, it can exchange it to cash i.e. Exchanging it in an exchange and OTC market place such as CoinCola that accepts gift cards. Usually, the gift cards are first redeemed to bitcoin and then exchanged to the user’s preferred currency or Local currency still.

In getting gift cards either free or by vouchers, there are some popular websites that offer you the opportunity of gaining-earning gift cards and some of it are included below

1. iTunes gift cards

2. Starbucks gift cards

3. Walmart gift cards

4. Google gift cards

5. Target gift cards

6. Amazon gift cards

7. Best Buy gift cards

8. Chipotle gift cards

9. Fandango gift cards

10. Sephora gift cards

Ways of Getting Gift Cards

As earlier stated, gift cards be gotten in so many ways, and the most popular method is payment discounts and vouchers. This process involves you the user to make a payment or buy a product with a particular and in exchange for your patronage, you will be offered gift cards. Another way of earning gift cards is by doing minor jobs in exchange for gift cards. You can earn gift cards through online surveying, sign-ups, etc and if you insist on changing it in exchange to Bitcoin or altcoins you wish you can.

Gift Cards in CoinCola

CoinCola, a reliable, fast and secured OTC Crypto and Gift Card market place and exchange, based in China and recently, they have come to Nigeria, to reach out to Nigerians about their already existing, tested and trusted P2P platform.

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They offer Gift Card holders in Nigeria the opportunities of trading their gift cards at competitive prices to their Local currencies.

Going by recent events, you will discover that a lot of scammers have reconfigured the face of Cryptocurrencies making it a terrible experience to trade outside of a known and trusted platform. Also so many exchanges, sometimes relatively hike the price of sell rates and also give outrageous exchange fees and the same to apply to some of the websites that offer you cash or Bitcoin in exchange for your gift cards.

With CoinCola coming in with a different idea on how you can trade your gifts cards, in a more conducive, secured, fast and reliable process, among traders that offer competitive rates, we have a new and secure way to get more value for out gift cards.

Steps to Sell Gift cards on CoinCola

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For you to sell your gift cards in CoinCola OTC market place, you will need to follow the following process:

  1. You must be a registered member before you can start your trading in CoinCola. You can register with your phone number or email address.
  2. After the quick registration, you will need to enter OTC transaction zone.

Then you will need to follow these steps

  • Go to the Buy Bitcoin section in US market, Choose an ad with the gift card payments you have.
  • Click BUY BTC to place the order, Check the message of the offer and Input the Gift Card amount you want to trade, click BUY NOW.
  • Confirm the info of your order then place the order successfully
  • You can chat with the vendor and upload the image in the chat box
  • Once you upload the Card, make sure you click Mark as paid, Wait for the bitcoin release from the vendor
  • Check your bitcoin in your OTC wallet account.

If you want to buy or sell Bitcoin through the app, follow these steps:

  • Go the OTC marketplace
  • Choose US if you want to buy US Gift Card
  • Click BUY to place the order
  • Check the message of the offer carefully
  • Input the Gift Card amount you want to trade, click BUY NOW
  • Confirm the info of your order then place the order successfully
  • Ask the vendor if you can upload the card, click Mark Payment Complete once you’ve uploaded the Card.
  • Wait for the bitcoin release from the vendor
  • Check your bitcoin in your OTC wallet account

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