Stop getting mad when someone can’t be there for you – Tonto Dikeh advises

Popular Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh, has got a word for people who depend on others too much for everything with a battered sense of entitlement.

It is more than enough struggle that adulthood is quite a task for most people, having others unnecessarily depend on you for everything is tougher work.


Having not to be acknowledge of those many life struggles could be fine if no one is trying to double them by asking for unnecessary help without asking how you are coping.

We do not know what could have prompted the popular actress to school entitled dependent people, but it is hard not to see how right she is with every word. On her Instagram page on Friday, June 21, Dikeh without mincing words simply asked dependent people to get a life.


She said:

“Stop getting mad when someone can’t be there for you. A lot of people are struggling wither being there for their da*n self!” Nothing could be truer; everybody is going through something, yours is what you know, realities are hard for many out there too.

In addition to those words, the actress, however, said everybody will grow, but that to do that, others’ struggles also have to be recognized.

 “I promise you, we will all grow. But first recognize I have my own struggles too,” she said.



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