Nigerian woman shocked after seeing how Popular meat snack ‘Kilishi’ is being made (video)

A Nigerian woman who visited one of the preparation venues of Kilishi in Abuja could not believe her eyes after witnessing the unhealthy environment.

Kilishi or Kilichi is a spicy Beef Jerky, a popular snack export from Northern Nigeria most especially Abuja. This is one of those Nigerian snacks that you can eat till your chin pain you yet you will not want to stop.

Kilishi can be likened to Nigerian Suya in that they have similar ingredients but the preparation and texture is different.
Traditionally, Kilishi is dried under the sun’s intense heat for about 3 days.


However, a lot of lovers of this Beef jerky may have a rethink after seeing how majority of these snacks are prepared.

A woman who happened to witness the first stage of the process of making Kilishi, at the venue where they dry it in the sun was disappointed after seeing how hundreds of flies perch on the meat without attempts to drive them away.

Watch the video below.




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