Slay Queen exposed after allegedly buying wig worth N107,000 with fake debit alert (videos)

A Nigerian entrepreneur was recently pissed off after an Abuja slay queen allegedly scammed her out of hair extension worth N107,000.

According to the businesswoman whose Instagram name is @e_plexhair, the slay mama came to her shop on Wednesday, July 4, in her absence and picked a hair extension worth N107,000. She told the staff member at the shop that she had spoken to the boss already about the transaction.

Then, she showed off a fake debit alert on her phone. The girl who was managing the store at the moment tried to call her ‘madam’.

But for some reason, her phone was not going through. Given the supposed evidence of payment, the slay queen was allowed to go with the hair extension. Upon coming back and hearing about the transaction, the businesswoman knew that she had been duped.

Through the help of the CCTV camera installed in the shop, she was able to track the slay queen’s identity and attack her on social media. However, despite all her pleas, the alleged thief has refused to pay the money for the hair extension. Rather, she blocked the lady.

The entrepreneur shared clips from the CCTV footage and a photo of the slay queen on her Instagram page to substantiate her allegation.

See the post below:

Later on, @e_plex hair announced that her money has been paid by the slay queen whose name turns out to be Rikieno Bent.

To this effect, she deleted her earlier post and shared a new one showing a real credit alert.

See the post below:



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