Pray For Me: Thief Leaves Behind Apology Letter After Finding No Cash In Church (Photo)

A thief, on Sunday night, broke into a church in Nyandarua County, Kenya, and then wrote a letter apologising for his action.

This was after finding no cash in the church, Pentecostal Evangelistic Fellowship of Africa (PEFA).

The criminal wrote a letter addressed to the church regretting that he had found no money despite having been informed by a worshiper that some good amount of money had been left there.

“I was sent here by one of your fellow Christians who told me that the amount of money has been kept inside the church. But I got nothing. God bless you all and pray for me. Thanks,” the letter read.

According to Rev Peter Wanyoike, the congregation has since forgiven the thief and are hoping that they find the Lord.

“We found the letter in the church when the police arrived to commence their investigations. He believed there was some money in church; we have forgiven him. We are praying for him to get saved. He is welcome to confess and worship with us,” the Reverend said, adding that the culprit destroyed the iron sheets as they tried gaining access into the church.



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