Marry a girl who makes $300 hairstyle is marrying a liability – Reno Omokri

Nigerian author, Reno Omokri gives advise to men intending to marry a girl that makes hair worth $300. According to Reno Omokri, marrying a girl that spends such amount of money on her hair is marrying a liability.

In an open letter to young men via his social media account, Reno wrote;

Dear young man How can you open your eyes and PROPOSE to a girl who has no JOB, or BUSINESS, yet has a $300 hair style (that‘s retouched every month)? MARRIAGE is meant to be an ASSET. But if you MARRY such a girl, you are MARRYING a huge LIABILITY

Dont MARRY someone who loves you UNCONTROLLABLY. Instead, MARRY someone who loves you UNCONDITIONALLY. UNCONTROLLABLE love is called PASSION. PASSION is like FASHION. It doesn’t LAST. UNCONDITIONAL love is a DECISION that does NOT depend on EMOTION

Somebody asked me what kills a man faster between POVERTY and a bad WIFE. My response is that a bad WIFE can be cured of badness by enough MONEY and POVERTY is also cured by MONEY. So just make MONEY and neither POVERTY or a bad WIFE will kill you!

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