Se e ti ri awon onorebu(s) ati sineto(s) yin?

Nigeria is like a film industry populated by despotic producers (public officers), incapacitated directors (political aides) and immoral actors. These people come together and produce tragic-comedy movies for ignorant but resilient viewers (Nigerians). I have come to realise that Nigerians have grown thick skins for all kind of dramas in a much as it brings forth stipends for survival.

Poverty is a strong weapon of manipulations Nigeria Politicians use to lobby minds of people they represent and it is unfortunate that the gullibility of our people is a catalyst. This nation is structured in that unpleasant way. That is why you will always find it difficult to see any administration that would genuinely tackle poverty, unemployment and hunger with genuine policies.

Every Nigerian politician is like a trader in Aba market, he or she would give or trade with you in ways you would have no choice than to come back to him or her. Like MC Oluomo Like Nigeria Politicians. They believed to have serious issues with ways people define them and the business of politics and transportation they engage in.

Truly, every profession has its limitations and inadequacies but these professions are mostly defined by the actions of people who survived in it. MC Oluomo, one-time executive of Lagos Agberos once stated in one of his posts on social media platforms that “NURTW is an association of professionals and transportation is a profession. People should desist from calling transporters; hoodlums or thugs rather they are professionals like doctors, nurses and bankers.

“Politics is a profession and loyalty is the drive. Political development is the greatest treasure for any sane nation and citizens should start appreciating our little efforts. Not all politicians are bad because every profession has its limitations and inadequacies, a politician once said to me. Taking a short break from transporters being tools of political violence, always at loggerheads with communal peace and settling of union issues with headrolls and body bags, I forgive the uneducated mind of MC Oluomo. Truly, you need to learn the business of transportation before you can become a transporter and that makes it a profession but the behaviours and irresponsible actions of transporters make it less a profession.

Nigeria is in trouble. I pity her deteriorating conditions because I have lost hope in her wellness. Politicians are too greedy and citizens are too gullible.

Few days ago, I visited my hometown for the sallah holiday and was opportuned to share a table with some politicians. Some young and old women stormed the residence of my host to thank him for achievements he has recorded in office within 2months. I met a lady after I entered the building holding a nylon full of indomies pack, raw meats and #500 at the other side. She looked happy and said to me that ” Se e ti onorebu wa?”

In my host’s pool of achievements as stated by one of the young women who visited him were no bills, motions or research works done to enhance the growth of the constituency but rams, bags of rice and vegetable oils. A nation of foodies. Most of my friends are consultants and special advisers on media to these politicians and this I can say is the sole reason why I was opportuned to sit close to them.

I sat beside one of my friends who is the SA on media to our host and I decided to keep pressing my phone so that I would not contribute to their discussion. Chocomilo, what’s your view about the topic we are discussing? Is it true that politicians are not trying for the people inspite of large funds spent during elections? A sitting Honorable asked me politely.

I could not run away from these questions because all eyes fixed towards my direction and only a foolish goat enters into the den of a leopard and plays with its tail. I jokingly asked our host that what has he done for the people ever since he got back from Abuja? He ordered his Personal assistant to bring the list of people they have given food items, rams, drinks and cash for sallah too. I looked into this long list and I was shocked.

Politicians will not give you a dime without documentation. Chieftains across party divides, Imams, pastors, party members and some loyalists of our host were on the list. He told us that he spent 10million naira on rams, foods and gift items across the federal constituency. Please don’t let me talk about the brown envelopes and transfers I made; these two gulped the funds meant for project but I am happy that the people are happy and that’s what they want. Leadership is about doing what the followers want, he said.

The chairman of one of the local governments in the constituency boasted that he distributed close to 100 rams and 200 bags of rice strategically for sallah celebration. In a local government thousands of primary school students go to school with torn clothes and empty stomachs. They have no interest in numbers of bills and meaningful motions, grants and soft loans for small scale business owners, employment opportunities for youths, summer classes for children during holiday and other life-impacting tasks.

Few years ago, I wrote a story about a young man who was looking for #50,000 to set up a barbing salon after 4years of training. The story of this young man is very similar to the stories of many youths in Nigeria. This same young man resides in a constituency where sitting Honorable spent 15million naira on Sallah festival and lives in a local government where its head distributed 200 bags of rice. Politicians and misplaced priorities.

It is quite unfortunate that hungry and greedy people are propellers of these despicable acts. For the people of my constituency, the Honorable and host of old people decided to enjoy the sallah at the expense of innoncent ones while other constituents enjoy summer classes and empowerment programmes.

The future is no longer secure. Both politicians and citizens have become enemies of growth and my heart bleeds because people have only grown old but they remain specimens in the hands of these crooks we call political leaders. It is really sad that the sorry state of the economy has become a tool of oppression and ridicule in the hands of its moulders. This mental slavery and hunger of the body would reach a certain state that Nigerians would rise and fight not only poverty but people who dragged them there. Before they leave for Abuja, se e ti ri ONEREBUS ATI SINETOS YIN?

Lawal Sodiq Adewale (Apagunpote Olayimika Chocomilo) is a columnist at WITHIN NIGERIA and freelance opinion writer. He can be contacted via 08164411922 or [email protected]

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