White Woman Slammed On Social Media For Braiding Her Hair Like An African

A white woman has taken to social media to show off her braids hairstyle. Unfortunately, her post was met with mixed reactions, many of which were negative.

Most social media users did not take kindly to the cultural appropriation displayed by the hairstyle. Twitter user dezzyalexa posted her hair selfie on the social media platform and was instantly hit with a flood of mentions.

Her post went viral as social media users rushed to voice their opinions.

Twitter user Screaming_soup said: “And the fact that, just like many of us, she took multiple photos and selected the one she thought was “best”… this is the result.”

Thebiasbitc said: “Should’ve sat this one out lmaoo why would you drag yourself like this.”

Iwantosleep2020 said: “Your hair WILL fall out.” While

TaylorBold said: “I don’t even care about race right now but they look awful.”

Anaisbby said: “You truly don’t look good in them beloved but do you. When your hair becomes damaged we will laugh at you.”



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