Singer Lami Phillips Returns To School To Get A Fourth Degree

Nigerian singer, Lami Phillips revealed in new post that she’s back to school for her fourth degree. She stated that she finds it funny when people are surprised when they see her on campus because she’s a singer.

In her post, the singer listed her many professions and said her current degree has asserted her identity as a leader.

“Cracks me up when I’m spotted on campus and the person is like “but aren’t you Lami the singer”? I’m like “yeah.. but I’m so much more! Why not get a fourth degree?” My mission is to die empty because my dreams are useless in the grave init!” She wrote.

“My name is Lami! I am a singer/ songwriter, actor, counselor, leadership, brand and communications consultant. Being a postgraduate student and adjunct faculty at the African Leadership Center of @kings_college_london has opened my mind to so many possibilities and asserted my identity as a leader in my generation. There are many layers to LAMI. This is just one of them,” she added.



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