How to Prepare for Life after School

Contrary to popular belief, your university degree is not a passport to leading a comfortable life. Your education in a tertiary institution mainly prepares you for life ahead, teaches you to think critically and independently about life issues and train you to contrive ways to survive in any environment you find yourself.

There are some activities you can do to improve your job prospects after completing your program: learning a skill, starting a business, showcasing your talents, getting a higher degree.

Let’s shed light on these below:

Learn a Skill

One of the essential ways to prepare for life after school is to learn a skill. There are a number of skills you can acquire as a tertiary institution, including IT skills (web design, web development, software development, and so on); graphics design; photography; and many others.

Acquiring such skills not only boost your chances of securing a job but also offers a means to earn some income as you render services to people, harnessing the skills you learnt.

Start a Business

If you are averse sticking to the 9–5 regular schedule, which involves waking up early to go to work and coming back late in the night, you can become an entrepreneur.

For starters, you will need a sound business idea, some capital, and seek advice from successful entrepreneurs, who are in a sector related to yours, on things to do and not to do to ensure your business growth.

However, being self-employed may not mean that you will start making money immediately. You need to be ambitious, passionate, and dedicated so as to achieve success in your chosen area of specialization.

Enroll for an Internship

It is not really easy to secure a job for the majority of fresh graduates in this country without a number of years of work experience. One of the ways to boost your chances of getting employed is to get an internship in a company.

Even if the said company doesn’t offer you a job eventually, you will have gained some work experience, which can enhance your opportunity to secure employment.

Showcase Your Talent

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Having talents is not enough, you need to let people know what you are capable of. Doing this will give you exposure and directly connects you to the opportunity that will shoot you to the limelight.

Some students from Nigerian tertiary institutions are already doing this in the Spark 4 Talent Hunt competition. The contest, which is dubbed “Crea8 Your Spark,” provides an opportunity for participants to showcase their talents or skills and stand a chance to become Spark 4 Campus ambassador, win one-year internship and pocket money from the brand.

To enter the competition, check out the TECNO’s Facebook page here and for more details about the Terms and conditions check TECNOSpot. The contest is slated to end on November 29, 2019.


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