Simi laments about the “fake and noisy” lifestyle that trends on social media

Nigerian singer, Simi has shared her thoughts about the “fake and noisy life” that trends on social media.

The singer who said she is going to leave social media at least 5 times a day, also declared that social media is centered on “fake and noisy life” and that most people believe in whatever the trend says they should believe and according to her, it is really exhausting.

She wrote

“I want to leave social media at least 5 times a day. Most of the things I see here seem so fake and noisy and unnecessary and fake and pointless and tiring and fake. I don’t think people hate on each other I think they do cos they are hiding it from their real life.

Because let’s face it, nobody really gives a fuck. And some people only show the shiny parts of their lives. Some just jump on any bandwagon. Some people only believe in what the trend says they should believe exhausts me. Is it just me or am I tripping?

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