Married mother of two reveals why she raped her gateman

Listeners were shocked after hearing the confession of a married woman. Narrating her escapades, Omowunmi Ishola  who is in her early 40s revealed why she raped her gateman.

The mother of two disclosed that she raped her gateman because he is more handsome and cute than her husband.

Omowunmi whose location was concealed by the narrator disclosed in her confession that she used to drug her gateman to have carnal knowledge of him whenever her husband goes to work.

Omowunmi said that “My Gateman is handsome than my husband that was why I raped him although my husband satisfies me with everything including sex, money and other things woman needed, but he is not as cute as the gateman.

“I will add sleep therapy to his food and I will give it to him whenever my husband goes to work to sleep with him, I also discovered that my husband is always happy when my he comes back at night he speaks very well about her female-workers”

“I began to suspect that my husband he is having an affair, and begin to strategize on how to catch them, but didn’t bother because of my love for my gateman.




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