The ‘other side’ of Naira Marley Nigerian Clerics should learn from

Distinguished readers, the new year has come with its tidings and many events have defined the first month of the year but for the marlians and their proprietor, it has been a year of criticism and outright condemnation of styles. Besides the allegation of polluting our society with moral corruption and exhibition of characters that portray the society in bad limelight, the proprietor of the Marlian school and his pupils have suffered condemnations and terrible prophecies from pastors and Imams.

Recently, I was at a popular eatery in Ilesa to eat after a very stressful day. I do not know how to cook and I have no girlfriend to render such assistance. I was shocked to the bone marrow when I saw little girls hanging over young boys and males at the eatery. The girls put on skimpy dresses while the boys put on crazy jeans. I saw weeds, bottles of mixed substances and other harmful materials that pose grave danger to these kids.

Surely, Naira Marley, most celebrities and some useless parents are the causes and promoters of this sad incidence. This is a real life scenario why a lot of people think Naira Marley should be condemned and thrown into the pit and does not deserve to be pitied but I do not belong to the colony of people who see nothing good in any individual that does something bad.

Apart from the fraud allegation levelled against him by the anti-graft agency which made him popular, car theft charge that was settled out of court which ended last year, Naira Marley has been deprived of cool breeze of the new year with prophecies. Several negative words and statements have been made to describe him and prophecies are not left behind yet these pastors and Imams neglect politicians and looters of this dying nation.

You can not look at the sad loss of morals in our society and you will not be sad. It is very pitiable and disheartening yet I have pondered on why pastors and Imams joined their hands to condemn this act but always have different opinions of our politicians especially government officials who stole state funds meant for all. This for me is rhetoric.

The recent outburst of a retired but now repented sex maniac of many styles, a stakeholder at Porn Hub and a Nigerian pastor who woke up one day, went on social media and told his followers that Naira Marley is a demon propelled me to write this piece. He further disclosed that God told him that Nigerians must rise up, pray and take caution. If gods did not call polithieves who looted our treasury and weakened our financial structure “demons”, then I wish to know the template of justice the gods use because I know the retired sex maniac can not speak with the one true God. Did gods bother to reveal to Nigerians that we should keep our daughters, sisters and wives from their supposed servant?

I am not a fan of Naira Marley and I do not listen to his songs but I respect how he manoeuvred his ways into the Nigerian music industry. He approached the industry with distinct, craziness and style. He was raw and outgoing stars who once mocked his style later fell in love with him and they rekindled their dying stars to reach more people through him. For doubters and people who cherish argument, they are free to conduct a survey to fact check if Naira Marley is not the most popular artiste in Nigeria.

Some days ago, I was surfing the internet and I came across some tweets agitating and inciting youths to demand for accountability from Nigeria leaders. I never expected that these tweets could come from a supposed demon. Could it be weed, its smoke or Marley probably licked the ass of a sweet lady? Well, if supposed angels fail in their duties, demons will take over. Atleast this same God promised to rise up stones to replace humans if they are found wanting.

The crooner of Am I a yahoo boy decided to drop his old lifestyle and joined the league of activists and appealed to Nigerian youths especially students of Marlian school of thought to take up the baton and become responsible by making our leaders accountable. A friend jokingly told me that Marley is out to Tesumole and we have many devils in Nigeria.

Although I have read several stories of how rejected stones become cornerstones but this seems different. A supposed demon who truly influenced youths in a very bad way woke up one day and changed the geer. Inspite of consumption of alcohol, intake of weeds and wayward lifestyles, you can not take away some qualities from the crooner. The ability to speak the truth and spirit to charge people to do things. This is what every pastor and Imam in Nigeria needs and they must pray for it. Is Naira Marley the Biblical Saul?

Religious centres should not be havens for looters. Politicians and looters should be afraid to enter mosques and churches whenever they do something bad. They should not be praised or honored with awards and religious positions.

Religious leaders should start making use of podiums to criticise and address societal issues. They should condemn corruption in words and act, they should not recieve its proceeds. Religious leaders should engage in activities that would promote the society and charge leaders and followers to take responsibilities.

Naira Marley has possibly found his voice and the campaign of sanity and better Nigeria has started from his ends. May our religious leaders find their lost voices too. And may their throats be freed from monies looters have used to block them.

Apagunpote Olayimika Chocomilo is a columnist at WITHIN NIGERIA and can be contacted via [email protected]

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