Man condemns sharing of ‘pans and shovels’ to empower women by Nsukka LG Chairman

The Executive Chairman of Nsukka Local Government, Hon. Chinwe Ugwu has been accused of sharing wheel barrows, head pans, shovels and trowels as a means of empowering women in the local government area.

Photos from the empowerment programme were uploaded by a rather sad facebook user identified as Chijinkem Ugwuanyi.

Ugwuanyi alleged that the local government boss shared 50 head pans, 50 shovels and 20 trowels.

Ugwuanyi wrote:

No #Movement

Ooh my God! What a disgrace?

Wickedness in high places…..

Wicked #Nigerian Politicians…

Again Hon. Chinwe Ugwu. Nsukka LOCAL Government Chairman Shares 50 Head pans, 50 Shovels, and 20 Trowels as an Empowerment….

What is wrong with these people? The same woman who shared Wheelbarrow few weeks back and called it Empowerment?

Very clueless set of Politicians from Enugu North, Giving them head pan and #Shovel, encouraging them to suffer more.

We are in a wicked world, Where our #Politicians make you hungry and give you food, they bite you and tell you sorry…

Madam Chairman why Encouraging Hardship?… Please can you start by giving one of those #HeadPan and #Shovel to your children to go out and carry #Block and concrete….

I don’t understand this again… Are uou encouraging women to involve in hard labour?

This one is not empowerment again, it is just Enslavement.

Can you try this “rubbish’ in #Anambra? They will use it and break your head. Nonsense….

You #Politicians of #EnuguNorth have the guts to subject my people because they have accepted to live a life of poverty and suffering if not how dare you try this #Shit…..

Who even gives this woman ideas? May all your generations and that of those who are behind those ideas go into Hard Labour ….

#Nonsense…… I #Senator is angry but can’t do anything….. No problem “Make we de roll” one day I will grow and come back to that town and stop this #Rubbish….

See Photos:

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