How Task Management Tools Can Save Your Business Big Costs

Task management tools allow you and your team to break down large projects and large goals into much more manageable tasks. With task management tools, your team can collaborate effectively in a shared virtual workspace.

When using a task management tool such as a call center software, your team can create project plans, assign tasks and meetings, track times of calls, communicate with other team members, share and save files, integrate with other CRM tools, track call statistics and more.

In addition to task management, you can communicate and collaborate with your team members using comments and inbox, monitor and track your progress, and even get paid for creating and sending invoices. Project management software helps project managers and teams collaborate and achieve goals in a timely manner, while managing resources and costs.

With task management tools, you can make sure you are only spending money on business strategies that work. Features include task sharing, time tracking, budgeting, resource planning, team collaboration, and more. Project management software is also called task management software or Project Portfolio Management (PPM). Professionals often rely on project management to monitor various tasks.

There are plenty of project management software on the market, each with their own strengths and witnesses, using project management methods tailored to their needs. All businesses need something that is not only affordable, but also helps adapt to the different dimensions of team and project management. Here are the top 6 best project management tools that will help you save on costs:


It offers tools such as the call center software and a virtual PBX to manage calls and other collaboration tools entirely online. With WebRTC technology, you can even start video conferences through a web browser, no downloads necessary. This innovative tool allows businesses and their teams to collaborate with each other and also improve their customer service.

Fonvirtual offers the newest, most innovative technology when it comes to task management. It allows companies to not only collaborate with one another, but you can also easily communicate with customers abroad and manage and track their calls. Because it is entirely virtual, you can collaborate, make video conferences, calls, and so much more from any location in the world. You are no longer tied down to an office space, since all you need is an internet connected device such as a cell phone or laptop to connect.


This is another project and task management software. They claim over 50,000 teams use their software. It works as a virtual workspace where people can plan, organize and manage tasks and projects visually and intuitively.

By creating visuals for each of your tasks, it is easier to share with your coworkers the progress made on each project. You can collaborate on these visuals, share and edit at any given time. This makes it easier to analyze data and predict what your business progress may look like in the future.


This is an online task management software designed to improve the speed of a team or group. The layout is very clear and simple, so that users can quickly see any important data they have collected.

By using a simple layout, this task management tool makes it easy to collaborate, even if your team members are not as tech-savvy as you are. Although it does not contain as many features as other task management software tools, it is incredibly simple to use.


This is on the best list of task management software for several reasons. It is a complete business solution that offers a wide range of options, including task and project management, team management and customer relationship management. Scoro makes it easy to track tasks and projects, and you have many options for monitoring team progress.

It is an easy to use software that makes collaborating just as easy. It’s simple interface is great for small businesses looking to improve how they sort day to day business tasks. This software may have limited features, but it is packed with just the right tools needed to see improvement in your business strategy.


This is a powerful task management software that integrates several enterprise management tools into one solution. It provides a collaborative platform for intelligent project management using sophisticated solutions, including task management, CRM and team collaboration, to name a few.

Bitrix24 is definitely one of the most well known tasks management tools. Although it is more expensive than other task management tools, it includes multiple features that can help cut back on business costs in the long run. This tool is a bit more complex, but it facilitates your communication needs based on whatever issues your company may face.

Gantt charts

This also help you manage resources and allocate tasks efficiently. The tool provides a solid framework for team collaboration and facilitates communication in various ways. It is the right tool for creative agencies that need a full overview of their most important resources.

Although they are not quite like other task management software, they can still be extremely useful. You can organize your progress through charts, which can help better predict your business future. It is important to note that it does not contain all of the same features you may find on other task management tools, but it can still help you cut back on unnecessary spending in the future.

Additionally, you may not know how much bad business management costs your company.

The good news is that you can use project management platforms to solve these problems. These tools include features such as task management, collaboration support and project tracking. By using tools that help you keep organized and stay on track, you will no longer waste thousands of dollars on communication tools that do not allow you to track progress.

These tools, configured using the latest technology such as WebRTC, can make the work process transparent, solving management problems and setting short- and long-term goals for many implemented projects.

A project management tool can facilitate the work of both employees and project managers. You can now feel the excitement to have your own project management system in your own hands.

AUTHOR: Emma Smith, PR and content manager at Fonvirtual. I’m interested in digital marketing, technology and international logistics. I enjoy writing for blogs where I spread the word of telecom services in international business.


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