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Nigerians drag Jude Okoye after what he said about Nigerian police

Nigerians on social media have reacted aggressively to what popular music video director, Jude Okoye said about Nigerian police men.

According to Jude who happens to be the brother of sensational singers, Psquare, “The police don’t profile you a criminal because you just “look different” No. they do because “looking different” is a lifestyle and lifestyle costs money. Meaning you have money they can extort. Period!”

With the comments this post got, it can be said that Jude was misunderstood, hence the reason why he got a lott of bashing from Nigerians.

See how some Nigerians are reacting to this;

don.ewere wrote “No wonder your brothers no fit settle,their elder brother no get sense.. I talk am !!! Now it’s clear”

majajachris wrote “He is trying to say, once you dress well d police know you have money, so they approach you so that they can extort you, so the problem is nt really abt u carrying dreadlock or drawing tatoo, is for any human being dat dresses well, whether on low cut, afro, skodo, no one is safe, is like dey want people to b wearing rag ni”

auntytejiri wrote ‘@mr_lobbyv he didn’t make one Single sense… he said lifestyle cost money. The ones that carry dreads is cost money?? How much for shirt and trouser?? Men that ll even wear one trouser and be changing only top.”

jilclothing wrote “So looking good is now a crime to you abi? Oga go and sit down You are talking in the rubbish sir”

grey_ccy wrote “Please read and understand before insulting him, he is saying they profile us by our looks and go ahead to extort us which is still wrong thing to do”


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