More woes for Uche Elendu as Doris Ogala says ‘She’ll never hide her hatred for her”

It appears the end of the brouhaha between actresses, Doris Ogala and Uche Elendu who used to be best friends is yet to come.

Doris Ogala has continued to call  out Uche Elendu over her recent claims that she lost over N100 million after her shop at Lekki was looted by hoodlums.

Doris Ogala has revealed that she will never get tired or shamed of showing her hatred for the single mother of two after she found out who she is.

Doris posted the screenshot below on her Instagram page and wrote:

“We should be very very careful this period.. alot of people wants to take advantage of our situation  and the fact that government wants to assist.. I’m not saying there’s  no loot.. but we should cut our coat according to our size.. why saying 100 million and opening account.. ah ah that’s not nice.. I’m not hiding my hatred.. it Added to exposing this evil.. kai.. i wish you know what i know . Hmmmm. “





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