Shooting: Osun Police did not apologise

It is not in the character of the police to react to such issue and when they are forced, they react with little or no details. Osun Police has reacted to the shooting of journalist, two others in the state. Alas, they did not disappoint us. The statement lacks details and in conflict with the consolation visit of the state commissioner of police.

The police did not apologise. They were not remorseful. The police mocked victims of the assault. They ridiculed the sensibilities of the public and questioned the agitations of those seeking clarifications. The statement protrays the police in bad light. It presents the institution as one in lack of sympathy, pity and compassion. The statement is simply a confirmation of actions and inactions of some police officers who are hellbent in subjecting the integrity and dignity of the institution to questioning.

It is sad and unfortunate that barely 24 hours after the sad incident, the statement is in want of details. The identities of police officers in the squad have not been released. The officer who fired the shot has not been identified. These are essential informations that must be provided by the police. Sadly, the statement released by the state PPRO did not only mock victims but also reveals the intention of the police command to cover tracks and protect the officers responsible for the shooting.

If Osun police have shame and understand what ‘disgrace’ is, they should bury their heads in shame. Inspite all, the police insisted that they are still investigating the matter. The leadership of Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) has directed that members must not cover or report any activities of the institution.

A security establishment interested in justice, fairness and credibility will not take the decision of NUJ leadership with levity hands. But the case is different. Osun Police prefer to run its operations in secrecy because it favours more than being transparent. As we look forward to more revelations, we also interested in the identity of the officer who fired the shot.


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