BBNaija 2021: Queen In Furious Outburst At WhiteMoney Over Jackie B and JMK [VIDEO]

The current season of Big Brother Naija has had so many highlights from different discussions that the 26 housemates has had since the reality show started.

On Wednesday evening, Queen and White Money were in a conversation as the housemates tried to sort out their misunderstanding, Queen avoided White Money a lot on Wednesday, so White Money took the bold step to approach her and get her to talk.

The conversation initially started with Queen talking to Whitemoney about his affections for Jackie B. Apparently, Queen noticed that Whitemoney likes Jackie B, and she is not finding it funny at all.

Although Whitemoney made it clear to Queen that he isn’t dating Jackie B, neither is he dating her (Queen), Queen explained that her friendship with Jackie B will not work if Whitemoney becomes romantically attached to Jackie B.

At some point, Queen also brought JMK into the picture, as she insinuated that Whitemoney also had affections for JMK.

Queen and Whitemoney talked at length till Queen stated that she doesn’t want to continue having the conversation, and that she has been avoiding him. This was when Whitemoney told Queen that he won’t have a problem with her avoiding him.

As he made this statement, he was still trying to explain himself to Queen and make her see reasons. Whitemoney said:

“I will let you avoid me. But you avoiding me is not the problem. If I start to avoid you, that’s when the problem will be… If you want to avoid me, it’s cool. But I’m not that kind of person when it comes to who I am. It’s you who is just not understand situations and taking things too personally”

Whitemoney further told Queen that she will see that he was telling the truth by the time she is out of the house viewing the clips because he has never been in love with JMK.

The conversation didn’t end there as both housemates still argued further concerning JMK’s matter.


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