BBN 2021: Everything That Happened At Liquorose And Emmanuel’s Dinner Date In The Executive Lounge [VIDEO]

Thursday Night is a night to remember for all ‘Emmarose’ shippers. ‘Emmarose’ is the coinage given to Emmanuel and Liquorose’s relationship in the house. The lovebirds had a special dinner date for 2 hours in the executive lounge.

After the prank, Big Brother decided to reward Liquorose and Emmanuel for a job well done. They were each given 200 BB Tokens and 250 Abeg Naira. In addition to this, Big Brother arranged a special dinner date for them in the executive room.

How the dinner date went down in the executive room

Emmanuel and Liquorose were quite surprised when they first stepped into the executive lounge and saw what Big Brother had provided for their date. Big Brother gave them all sorts of delicacies including appetizers, ice cream, sharwarma, wine, burger, small chops, grilled chicken, pepper soup amongst others.

As a gentleman, Emmanuel took Liquorose to her sit and gave her the menu to make her selection. He went to serve her and they started chatting while they eat their delicacies.

Major highlights that happened during their date

1. Display of affection: Liquorose and Emmanuel had a passionate kiss which lasted for over 2 minutes during the date. Their kiss could literally go down as the longest kiss since the beginning of the show.

They also talked about deep things regarding their personal relationship as they have the entire room to themselves without any interruption.

2. During the date, they invited other guests to join them: Big Brother allowed them to invite Cross and one other housemate to join them in the executive lounge.

Their date turned to double date as Cross came along with Angel into the lounge. Emmanuel and Liquorose did not stop displaying their affection for each other in the presence of Angel and Cross who also shared a kiss.



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