Seyi Shay reveals why it took her 5yrs to release her sophomore album

Nigerian R&B singer, Oluwaseyi Joshua popularly known as Seyi Shay has revealed why it took her five years to release her sophomore album titled ‘Big Girl.’

Her debut album, Seyi or Shay was released in 2015 and according to her, the sophomore album was supposed to be released three years after but unforeseen circumstances like the COVID pandemic happened which stalled everything.

She revealed this during a live interview on Instagram as well as her reason for choosing to do R&B

“To be honest, a lot of different reasons but this album would have been released three years after my last album. I wake about to start an international record deal but COVID-19 started.

“Also, I did have an album ready in 2019 but apparently, it just wasn’t time, we didn’t have support. It was supposed to be out in 2021 but again the sound just wasn’t right.

“When I started working with my partners Jonz world, we discovered that maybe experimenting in more authentic sound real to me which is R&B and Soul.

“All the sounds I had were great but they were like, it just sounds like I was trying to fix it with my other contemporaries, why not you go back to the drawing board and make music that you grow up on which obviously is that RnB vibe.”

It is important that the singer took her time to discover herself and what sound works for her, and that way, we can only expect authentic and unique music from her.


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