Stephanie Otobo: Doctor accused as Apostle Suleman’s co-conspirator reacts to allegations

The Nigerian doctor whom Canada based Nigerian singer, Stephanie Otobo had accused of conniving with Nigerian Televangelist Apostle Suleiman to eliminate her, has spoken out.

In an exclusive interview the singer granted years back, Stephanie claimed she visited the Doctor’s clinic to undergo a liposuction (a type of fat-removal procedure used in plastic surgery).

During the surgery, Stephanie said she felt dizzy and started having hallucination. According to her, the Doctor kept injecting poison into her body. The Singer reteirated in the interview that the doctor was sent by Apostle Suleiman to assassinate her.


In response to her accusations, The doctor released a video debunking the news as he explained what happened with her surgical enhancement.

According to him, Stephanie Otobo was counselled before surgery to quit smoking but she didn’t heed to their advice as she went ahead with her smoking.

As a result of her neglect, the Doctor said she started hallucinating and felt he wanted to kill her, but isn’t true as the surgery went well.

He said,

Someone drew our attention to an interview Stephanie Otobo had that we were ordered by Apostle Suleiman go kill her. We didn’t respond to it as we didn’t see it as necessary. We were forced to watch the interview and were surprised at the false news she spilled about us. We were tagged different names from the media.

She came her for surgery and she had an excellent result. During surgery, we counselled her on things to avoid before surgery but she didn’t abide to it and at such, it led to hallucinations, which could be linked to psychiatric issues”.



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