“I want things to be better” – Mr. Macaroni explains why he is politically active

Nigerian comic skit maker, actor, and activist, Debo Adebayo, popularly known as Mr. Macaroni has explained why he is politically active.

During a recent interview with Hip TV, the popular comic skit maker revealed that the desire for change and the feeling of frustration from oppression are some of the things that drive him to be politically active.

Mr. Macaroni is one of the celebrities involved in sensitizing the youth as regards the power of their vote with a recent concert tagged ‘Youth Vote Count Mega Concert.’


“I’m a Nigerian, I’m a Lagosian. I want things to be better. I’m tired and frustrated. Things have to change. If you want things to change you must come out.

“Nobody should stay back. If you have to talk from the back for things to change, do you think the oppressors would listen?

“No! They’ll continue to do things to frustrate and oppress you if you don’t use your voice to speak out.

“So we must come out and show that we are ready.”

It is safe to say Mr. Macaroni as he is known by his fans is one of the activists fighting for the Nigerian masses, using his platform to demand good governance without being partisan.

He is one of the biggest voices in the End SARS protest.


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