Labour is dead, can’t change APC’s anti-people policies – Wike

The Executive Governor of Rivers state, Nyesom Wike said the Labour Movement in Nigeria is dead and can hardly achieve anything good for the Nigeria workforce.

Wike stated this on Friday via his official twitter handle.

The governor accused labour of running after shadows when they should be after substance, stating that they hardly speak in a manner that can change All Progressives Congress (APC) anti-people policies.

He added that when the labour should be fighting against the increase in fuel pump price, insecurity, and an increase in electricity tariff, all they do is go after personal gain of minimum wage.

Wike went further by saying labour was alive under former President Goodluck Jonathan but has abandoned its role under President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration.

His tweets read: “Labour movement in the country is dead because it has lost its force of engagement with government and hardly can achieve anything good for the generality of the workforce and Nigerians.

“The leadership of labour has left substance to pursue shadows and hardly can speak in a manner that can change or achieve reversal of the many anti-people policies being implemented by the All Progressives Congress (APC) led Federal Government.

“It is unfortunate that labour has abandoned its role in this country. You are chasing things that are personal to you. All over the world, when government is not going the right way, it is labour that comes out to say we cannot allow it.

“Majority of our people are civil servants and have others to cater for. But since the inception of this government, labour has died.

“Under Former President Goodluck Jonathan, labour was alive. They said the country must come down because he is from a minority area.

“But look at what is happening. There’s an increase in fuel pump price, insecurity, and an increase in electricity tariff. Where is labour? Where is TUC, where is NLC? The only thing I hear is minimum wage.”

He continued, “Let the world hear it, labour has died. Nigerians cannot get anything substantive from you. Labour is like an opposition party. Labour does not work for any ruling government, no. But now you people are working for the ruling government, but under Jonathan, Occupy Nigeria.

“And that is why we say there is so much injustice in this country. Because I come from a place, a minority area, you can treat me anyhow, but when you come from the other side nobody can touch you.

“That is not how this country should move forward. Be firm, take a decision and know that was is wrong is wrong. Let Nigerians have confidence in you.“


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