ONIDURO MI: Yinka Alaseyori, Tope Alabi and the “missing” holyspirit

Yesterday, I watched a video where popular gospel artiste, Tope Alabi who was invited to lead hundreds of worshippers in deep praise and worship heavily criticised both the calling of another artiste and her hit song titled ‘ONIDURO MI’.

According to Tope Alabi, the holyspirit did not approve the song, the spirit cautioned her when she wanted to sing the song and finally declared that God is more than an ADVOCATE. These are the arguments Tope Alabi pushed forward.

There is no wrong in faulting a literary or artistic work because it tends to positively reshape the work but the nature and style of criticism matters most. When the nature is toxic and style of criticism is harsh, both the critic and the arguments lose value. I watched the video and concluded that the greatest sickness of the soul is ‘envy and hate’ in combo. It has no levels or cure and I wonder why the same holy spirit who ordered her not to sing the ‘hit song’ abandoned Tope Alabi in managing her excesses.

The hit song was not approved by the spirit. The story of Tope Alabi is no different from tales of many spiritual leaders who commit several levels of attrocities and tell the world that they are under the influence of the spirit. Is the holy spirit one? Is the spirit the one causing confusion by giving different directives? I strongly disagree that the spirit that asked Alaseyori to sing Oniduro is different from the one that cautioned Tope Alabi. I can not count how religious leaders including artistes have duped, lied and confused their followers in the name of holy spirit. It is an understatement to say that no business in Nigeria thrives better than the business of the holyspirit.

Tope Alabi is not only driven by hate, envy but she is also covered with pride and bringing holyspirit into this matter is nothing but insult to the sensibilities of all christians. Was holyspirit on Sabbatical leave the day Tope Alabi shouted ‘Olorun Ajanaku’ during vigil? Was holyspirit on Sabbatical leave the day Tope Alabi sang ‘Oti jesu n pami o jare’? Where was the holyspirit when Tope Alabi danced “Gbebodi e”? Did holyspirit also approve her songs where she adored yahoo boys and asked them to glorify God in fraud? Then what is the interest of Tope Alabi’s holyspirit in ‘Oniduro Mi’?

Tope Alabi is an artiste who has enjoyed much grace and thrived sucessfully in the gospel business for years. She has consistently survived the storms, grew in flaws and escaped traps that consumed many artistes for decades. Despite all, Tope Alabi feels she’s now empty or believes that God has forsaken her and allowed the spirit of hate, envy and pride triumph over her life. I feel so sad when I see people who have enjoyed much grace and better opportunities trying all possible best to ridicule the little efforts of the growing one.

There are many “Tope Alabis” in this world who are hell-bent on ridiculing genuine efforts of starters because they want to remain relevant for life. These “Tope Alabis” are in schools, churches, mosques, offices and communities. They ignore God’s blessings in their lives and feel threatened by the growth of others. They do not judge their growth by their pasts and situation but measure their progress with others new strides. All they do as people is to envy, hate and act arrogantly. That senior who’s afraid of your growth at work is your “Tope Alabi”. That neighbor who has five luxury cars but s(he) is sad about your newly bought nissan/sunny is your “Tope Alabi”.

The only way not have “Tope Alabis” in your life is if you do not want to grow. They are everywhere, you will meet them at a particular stage in your life. Just like the title of this piece, at a particular stage in life, we all are destined to meet one “Tope Alabi” who will rise up to ridicule our efforts but in return meet disappointments and be a catalyst of blessings and grace.

May we all be guided and directed by the true spirit.


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