Turkish woman marries boyfriend who threw acid on her face and disfigured her

A young Turkish woman, Berfin Ozek has married the man who threw acid on her face and eyes, leaving her permanently disfigured with impaired vision.

The 20-year-old woman got married to Casim Ozan Celtik, 23, this December.

Their wedding comes two years after he doused her with acid during a heated argument, Newsflash first reported.

They were separated at the time the acid attack happened.

“If I can’t have you, no one can,” Celtik allegedly screamed at Ozek just before the attack.

Before the attack

Ozek, who was left partially blind by the attack, filed a police complaint against Celtik and he was arrested.

However, he bombarded her with messages of reconciliation and begged for her forgiveness.

Ozek forgave him and agreed to withdraw her complaint, writing: “We have written many letters to each other. I have given myself to him. I love him very much — [and] he loves me very much.”

After the attack

This angered social media users and they called her out for withdrawing the case.

Ozek later asked the judge to reinstate the complaint.

Her acid-throwing ex was sentenced to 13 and a half years in prison.

However, a change in law coupled with COVID rule changes meant Celtik was recently released on probation.

Celtik’s freedom sparked online outrage, especially because the victim, Ozek, was left in constant pain and with only 30% vision in one of her eyes.

However, Celtik was not deterred by the outrage and he immediately proposed to Ozek after his release. She accepted.

They married this month, with photos showing the disfigured bride signing legal documents as her smiling beau looks on.

Ozek’s own father was left stunned, and refused to attend the ceremony.

According to Newflash, the distraught dad told local media: “She married without our knowing. I’ve fought for her for years, and now all of this has been in vain.”

The couple has faced heavy criticism.

One person blasted Ozek, saying: “If asked who the most stupid person in the world is, I will answer by naming this woman. Next time, this man will skin her alive”.

Another wrote: “Her forgiveness shouldn’t have prevented him from being punished. It’s a pity, I hope not, but this marriage will end in a month or two, and the poor woman will remain with the brutality she experienced.”

The newlyweds have not yet responded to the heavy criticism they have received on social media.


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