5 Relaxation Locations In Lagos That Usually Make Summer List

The summer season is a time of the year around the world where people take vacation from their work and businesses. It is the best time to have lots of outdoor activities such visiting the beach, ancient places, have family picnic at the park, visit distant relatives, etc. During this season in Nigeria, primary & secondary Schools students usually start their long holiday – this marks the end of the academic calendar. This is usually the longest break in a school year, which can last up to two months. At the same time, many employees, even employers, always plan their work leave towards this time as they spend this season with family, travelling within and outside the country.

However, with the covid 19 pandemic that has ravaged the World, many countries like the USA, UK, U.A.E (Dubai), Kenyan etc. that Nigerians travel to, have placed strict measures on international travels, They have either prevented immigrants into their countries or reduced the number of inflow into their countries. In the broad sense, this has really affected Tourism as a Forbes report states, “the Covid-19 Pandemic has Cost the Global Tourism Industry $935 Billion.

The constraint of traveling outside the country last year resulted in Nigerians, observing their summer holidays within the country in very beautiful locations such as the Obudu Mountain Resort, Calabar, etc. This was a positive note, considering that Nigeria generated lots of revenue from these ‘in-house’ vacations, else the money would have been spent outside the country on shopping, health care, historical sites, etc.

According to a 2018 statistics from United Nations World Tourism Organization, the USA (heavily visited by Nigerians) earned $215bn from foreign tourists; two other popular destinations for Nigerians, Spain earned $81.5bn and France earned $65.5bn;Dubai as a city earned $30.82bn from tourism in that year. Just imagine how much would have been lost if Nigerians had opportunity to observe their summer outside the country last year. The Federal Ministry of Culture, Tourism and National Orientation must keenly take an interest into this and find solutions to making Nigeria a great tourist attraction.,

With this view, there are many places in Nigeria where Nigerians can spend their summer holiday of 2021 and still have all the fun needed, the interesting site seeing, the beach fun, boat cruise, etc. Many of these places have been limited to Lagos no thanks to the surge in unrest & insecurity in many other states where vacation would have been possible. Let’s take a look at 10 of these places.


Epe lies on the north bank of the coastal Lagos Lagoon and has road connections to Ikorodu, as well as back to Ibeju-Lekki, Ajah and Lekki. By Sea, you can connect to other places in Lagos such as Apapa & Badagry or places in South West such as Ondo State.

Epe is one of the best places to spend your vacation if you are looking to really stay far from the bustling activities of Lagos. It is a town with lots of historical events and stories. It is one of the towns in Lagos with very good road network, coupled with beautiful vegetation. Epe also boasts good power supply, and its natives are very welcoming, providing tourists & outsiders with much needed hospitality to feel the Warmth of their town.

THE FISH – Monument depicting the riverine community of Epe
THE FISH – Monument depicting the riverine community of Epe

At the entrance of the town a T-junction, you are welcome with a beautiful huge statue of two giant fish called ‘THE FISH’ – this depicts Epe as the community of Fishermen. There are also many site attractions in Epe, which makes it stand out as the number place to visit on our list. These attractions give you lots of options from sea travel, beach, resorts, hotels, to historical sites, festivals, etc. Some of these places are:

Epe Resort and Spa

A luxurious retreat that offers sanctuary to those who wish to rest their weary minds and rejuvenate their spirits, situated at the end of the Epe-Lekki Express Way after having left the busy city of Lagos.

“Within our sub-tropical paradise you will find the highest expression of exclusive hospitality where guests will enjoy world-class service, relaxation and comfort – ensuring an unforgettable experience”, says it’s website.

Epe Tourist Beach Resort, and Jubilee Chalets

Jubilee Chalets

Jubilee Chalets Epe

Jubilee Chalets Epe is ideal for Retreats and fun getaways with unique venue for Conferences, Training Workshops, Reunions, located near the reputable Epe Fish Market, overlooking the Lagoon.

It is surrounded by the quiet little town of Epe in Lagos State. The resort is about 1h30 minutes from Lagos Island, 2 hours from Ibadan and 1 hour from Ijebu-Ode.

The serene and tranquil atmosphere makes it a highly suitable environment for meeting, resting, relaxing and celebrating. If you are looking for the ideal location there should be no question about using our resort and its facilities.

Epe Mangrove

Epe Mangrove

The Epe Mangrove is an ancient creek surrounded by mangrove forest along its river banks,  it is located in Epe (a town and LGA in Lagos)

The fragile ecosystem is a haven for wildlife and also shelters the coastlines from tidal erosion, plus the mystique of this place is still much untapped.

Lights and shadows reflect on the water as fish and crabs hide among the submerged roots and trunks of waterlilies. The Epe mangrove, is roughly about 96km east of Lagos, with the creek stretching from the Lekki-Ibeju axis down to Epe town. A proper tour of the area’s wetlands starts across the Ibeju Tow, in the grey-green waters of the mangrove.

Oluwo Market

The famous fish market called ‘shifu’ by Natives. Here fishermen come to deliver fresh fish from the sea while only women sell. The Market is said to be about four centuries old, and has been passed from generation to generations. It is a place to really visit during your summer vacation to Epe, as you’l eat fresh fish you hardly get anywhere in Lagos.

The popular Fish Market in Epe where tourist come to see varieties of fish

Epe is indeed a place to come spend the summer in with your family. It also a place to learn a lot about historical events


Badagry – showing the slave museum

The most notable historical place in Lagos and Nigeria; it is a place key to the history of Nigeria during the trans-Atlantic slave trade. It served as a commercial center during the 16th to 17th century especially for Natives and colonial Masters.

Badagry is said to be the home of early freed slaves’ settlers who came in from Sierra Leone, as well as Missionaries who came into Nigeria. Badagry contains the first missionary house in Nigeria – the first storey building in Nigeria.

first storey building in Nigeria

Apart from these historical feats, Badagry is a very lovely place to spend your summer vacation as it has lots of other top sites including beach , hotels, local restaurants, farms ,etc.

The popular Whistling Palms, and Gberefu Island called ‘point of no return’ – an historical island about slave trade are also found here in Badagry.

Whistling Palms
Gberefu Island

The catchiest places in Badary are the Sultan beach and the beautiful Ilashe Private Resort. These places are the perfect getaway destinations you need during your summer holiday.

Sultan beach
Ilashe Private Resort

Other beautiful sites are the Agiya Tree monument, Mobee Royal Family slave museum, Badagry Heritage Museum, the Brazillian Baracoon (Slave Museum), etc.

The obelisk erected in place of the Agia Tree
Mobee Royal Family slave museum
Badagry Heritage Museum
Brazillian Baracoon


Lekki is a place of immense beauties where many of the upper classes in Nigeria reside. It is bounded by Victoria Island, Lagos Lagoon, Ikoyi and Atlantic Ocean, making it a rich and diverse community. It is one of the best places to spend your summer vacation in Nigeria.

Lekki – Aerial view of a section

It has many top star hotels, bars & restaurants, beach houses, resorts and natural reserves. Some of the cool places to visit during your in Lekki are:

Lekki Conservation Centre

Lekki Conservation Centre

This beautiful place preserves & celebrates Wildlife, as it protects many endangered creatures from extinction. It is a 78-hectare natural resource conservation which serves as an education centre as well as tourist attraction.

It is very close to the Lekki Lagoon and protects the natural wetlands of the Lekki Peninsula. Its catchiest attraction is the Trail boardwalk – sturdy wooden bridge which serves as a walkway for tourists for wildlife viewing. It also has longest canopy walkway in Africa. LCC also has a Tree house, picnic area, children playground, etc.

Lekki Conservatin Centre – the longest canopy walk in Africa
Lekki Conservatin Centre – the longest canopy walk in Africa

Nike Art Gallery

Nike Art Gallery

Arguably the largest Art Gallery in West Africa located in a five story building with over 8000 diverse artworks.

GET Arena

GET Arena

The first recognized racing centre in Nigeria. It also has onsite bar and grill to relaxation.

Lekki is also home to most of the Beaches in Nigeria. These are :

  1. Elegushi Royal beach,

  2. Atican beach,

  3. Kids beach garden,

  4. Santa Cruz private beach,

  5. Oniru beach, etc.

Elegushi Royal beach
Atican beach
Oniru beach
Kids beach garden
Santa Cruz private beach

Hotels & Serviced Apartments: Lekki is surrounded by lots of hotels such as Oriental Hotel, Four Points, Atlantic Palms Suites, The Gilgal , OxygenWaterfront , The Yachet Hotel etc.

For movie lovers, you are not left behind as there are lots of cinemas situated in Lekki. This includes Grand Cinemas, Filmhouse Cinemas ( IMAX Lekki & Oniru) and Genesis Cinemas.


Ibeju-Lekki is adjuged the fatsest growing community in Lagos which has seen lots of developments in recent years. It is a very serene environment which portrays the beauties that nature brings. It is home to private parks & gardens, beaches, hotels, landscapes, and lagoons, making it a prime area for tourism. These places include:

  1. La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort,

  2. Eleko beach,

  3. Funtopia,

  4. Omu resort,

  5. Yemisi Shyllon Museum, etc.

Omu resort
Omu resort
La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort
Eleko beach

Omu resort is a place that has a combination of a zoo, an amusement park and a waterpark. It surely a lovely place for families to spend time together.

Ibeju-Lekki is also home to lots of mouth-watering seafood cuisine because of its proximity to the water side.

Beyond the above mentioned places, there are still lots of places to visit in Lagos for your summer holiday – this includes places in Lagos mainland.

As seen, Lagos is a rich place to come spend your summer holidays and get a full taste of experiences just like in Western World.


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