7 popular post topics for your pharmacy blog


Blogs are an important part of any online pharmacy. They drive traffic to your site, and clicks transform into customers. Coming up with original and engaging topics is one of the most difficult parts of blogging, though, so here are some ideas to help.

#1 Fitness tips

Pharmacies are all about health, so it makes sense that many offer fitness tips and advice on their blogs. Exercise diagrams, fitness routines, and even schedules are all extremely popular online. The most successful pharmacies pair relevant content with effective marketing strategies, often working with agencies like Click Intelligence to ensure that their content reaches the maximum audience. These agencies ensure that content is optimized for search engines and marketed correctly.

#2 Diet tips

Following on from the previous point, diet tips are another obvious choice with a lot of scope. As well as writing about healthy foods, pharmacies can discuss the pros and cons of different diets, suggest meal ideas and even answer diet questions. Healthy eating is never far from most people’s minds, so any blog on this topic is bound to be popular.

#3 Get seasonal

The beauty of a seasonal post lies in its relevance. You might blog about hayfever symptoms and medications in summer or healthy eating tips for the New Year. Some pharmacies even post “blog of the month” style entries that give health tips for that month. Search engines reward relevant content, so this is a useful way to improve your ranking.

#4 A day in the life

Most people are fascinated by the running of healthcare businesses, especially pharmacies. Giving them a glimpse of life behind the counter is more than just a novelty. It helps to foster a closer relationship between you and your customers and gives your business a more personal feel. People are more likely to use a business that they feel connected to, so this is one of the most useful post types on the list.

#5 New services

A brilliant way to advertise your business, writing about new services is bound to bring more customers to your door. If you’ve just introduced a new virtual consultancy service, paperless prescriptions, or a range of care products, a blog is the best way to grab your customers’ attention. Don’t just write about the new service, but explain how it can improve patients’ lives.

#6 FAQs

Opening your blog to questions from patients serves the dual purpose of connecting with your customers and giving you some free blog ideas! Ask for questions, and then dedicate a blog post to each. Making this a weekly occurrence gives blogs a sense of occasion and readers plenty of time to submit their questions.

#7 Myth busting

The pandemic put misinformation in sharper focus than ever, and there’s no better place to dispel those myths than on your pharmacy blog. Myth busting is a popular topic that generates a lot of clicks, and it serves a civic good, too. Pick an area to bust (perhaps diet or vaccinations) and settle down to tackle misconceptions.


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