5 obvious signs of people that will never commit to you


Commitment starts slowly, but surely builds over time and gets stronger and stronger with time.

Some times, commitment never starts in relationships because one of the couple does not see a long-term; does not see himself or herself being with that partner beyond a short while.

It might be that the partner sees the ‘relationship’ as a fling while the other is seeing it as way more than that.

Here is how to know whether your partner is willing to even consider committing their lives to you… or not.

1. They are never jealous.

It does not matter what you do, or how many times you do, they won’t bat an eyelid, even though the normal reaction would be for them to be uncomfortable or flat-out angry at you.

Why? If they react in jealousy, it sends a message that they actually really care. Of course they don’t.

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