Your Lexus RX330 Buying Guide

Find out everything you need to know about buying a used Lexus RX330 and find your ideal used car

With every new car in the past few decades, Lexus has significantly reshaped the luxury car market. The Lexus RX330 had a relatively small production run, but even during those years it managed to make a lasting impression on the buyers who still want to own this luxury crossover SUV. Find out everything you need to know about buying a used Lexus RX330 and find your ideal used car on Jiji:

Lexus RX330 history

The Lexus RX330 was launched in 2003 and has been produced until 2006. Throughout its run, this Lexus was widely referred to as the best luxury SUV on the market. Buyers and critics praised the Lexus RX330 for its higher than average build quality, impeccable performance, quiet ride, and a wide range of luxury features one would expect to find in a luxury vehicle. Despite that, the model was eventually discontinued in 2006, but not before getting a major overhaul in 2005.

Lexus RX330 specs

The Lexus RX330 and the Toyota Camry used to share a platform during the time when the former was released, which is why similarities between the two cars are instantly noticeable – most importantly, the 3.3L V6 engine that produced 230 hp. With the five-speed automatic transmission, a choice between all-wheel and front-wheel drive, and plenty of other cutting-edge mechanics, the RX330 could easily compete with the best performing cars of its era.

Despite its outstanding driving capabilities, the Lexus RX330 wasn’t just a performance vehicle – instead it was marketed towards family buyers who want a fast, comfortable, safe, and uncomplicated ride for commuting to work, driving the kids around, and making occasional weekend retreats into the nature.

Luxury features of the Lexus RX330 included 17-inch alloy wheels, automatic climate control, leather interior, power seats, adaptive cruise control, upgraded navigation system, adjustable air suspension, and a back-up camera. With further remodelings of the RX 330, the number and quality of luxury features also expanded.

Common Lexus RX330 problems

As a luxury model with a high build quality, the Lexus RX330 is known for its durability: the oldest versions of this car have just turned 14, and they can be easily mistaken for brand new cars. However, owners of the RX330 note a few problems that lead to repairs – namely, issues with the braking system, transmission, electrical system, and the plastic detailing in the cabin.


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