Group Battles OBJ’s Coalition Over Name Theft

In just about 24 hours after its launch, the former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s Coalition is running into troubled waters as a civil society group, Coalition for Nigeria (CN) has accused the former of mimicking its name without its consent.

Besides, the group maintains that the Obasanjo’s Coaliation intent, modus operandi and composition is at variance with its noble objectives and warned Nigerians not to mistake it for those who have soiled their hands in wrecking the country.

The Coalition for Nigeria at a press conference in Abuja on Thursday addressed by its National President, Sabo Odeh explained that the Coalition was not birthed to install people into governance position but to galvanize Nigerians for nation building.

Coalition For Nigeria (CN) in a press conference

“The Coalition for Nigeria (CN) is appalled by the decision of the Obasanjo Coalition Movement to press ahead with its criminality of launching under a name that mimics ours, the Coalition of Nigeria Movement (CNM). It is unfortunate that we had treated the matter with levity based on our understanding that the Obasanjo Coalition Movement is peopled by failed politicians and those that had made immense contributions towards wrecking Nigeria with a sprinkling of youths that have anger issues.

“After Obasanjo Coalition Movement launched in Abuja with a moniker that copied the name of Coalition for Nigeria, we have found it expedient to alert Nigerians so that they would not be duped into thinking they are dealing with the authentic group when in reality they could be playing into the den of persons that have track record of being political dupes”, the Coaliation cautioned.
The group further explained that it has noble intentions centred around galvanizing Nigerians for nation building around tenets that are long term without pandering to unnecessary drama and media hype.

“Our Coalition is not limited to creating a backdoor for retired and tired politicians to install puppets in government for the purpose of continuing to loot the treasury while ruling by impunity as had been experienced in the past. Obasanjo Coalition Movement seeks to do the exact opposite while leveraging on our credible name to sell its lies to Nigerians”, the group alleged.

It also explained that having the interest of the nation at heart was careful to go about advocating for change in a way that could be counterproductive to its stability and safety adding that, there is nothing to be gained in burning down the country in the name of seeking improvement.

“The reforms we all desire are achievable through persuasion, consensus building and collaboration without resorting to inflammatory acts and utterances as we have seen with some people. Instead of pursuing peaceful growth and evolution, what we have seen the children of anger in the Obasanjo Coalition Movement is a situation where old politicians in their twilight are manipulating youths to be incendiary”.

Sabo Odeh also disclosed that the Coalition is made up of Nigerians that yearn for a better country with the firm belief that the dismantling of the infrastructure for corruption is a necessary first step that ensure that we can then build the country on a solid foundation that provides level playing field to all citizens.

Expressing disdain that the people that are trying to steal its name have the singular agenda of helping former President and convener of the shady group, Dr. Olusegun Obasanjo, to secure a third time in office, something he could not achieve when he last held office in 2007, The Coalition said it would not tolerate people grandstanding using its name.

“The legitimate Coalition for Nigeria hereby warns the Obasanjo Coalition Movement to stop using our name to further the agenda of failed politicians that are out to pursue Obasanjo’s Third Term and Third Time Agenda. If he had failed before nothing stops him from spectacularly failing again, this time. It is most unfortunate that this hare-brained attempt is coming at a time when even Ghaddafi, Grand-dad Mugabe and Jammeh have all become history”.

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