Photos: Nigerian man dint go ‘score free’ after sleeping with a married woman in Indonesia

Nigerian man allegedly dies in Indonesia after sleeping with a married woman

According to the story shared on Facebook by Definest Prince, a Nigerian man died after having sex with a married woman in Indonesia.

More photos below.

Nigerian man allegedly dies in Indonesia after sleeping with a married woman

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  1. Muyideen Shittu says

    Some people will travel out Nigerian to abroad for greener pasture but when they reach they will not focus on what they send do instead they divert to another thing entirely see the out come dis shameful one sleeping with some one wife

  2. DonwillyProf Nwokem says

    Fake news

  3. Rahama Hamzah Sani says

    Good penality the wages of sin is death what a waste

  4. Don O Osaro Albaegbe says

    guys stop sleeping with a married woman it’s risky and dangerous

  5. Paul Chinonso says

    Wtf, Fake news—- the guy died while sleeping. Don’t believe this fake news..
    I have the video.

    1. Paul Chinonso says

      Within Nigeria’s post let me help you with the video.. stop posting rubbish

  6. Tinashe R Chiroodza says


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