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Senator Adeleke embarrassing Nigeria with his ‘dance’ – Social Political Group

A social political group, Movement for New Nigeria has slammed the Senator representing Osun West Senatorial District, Senator Ademola Adeleke over incessant display of dancing skill wherever he goes.


The group made the assertion in a press statement signed by its National Coordinator, Comrade Sunday Kelani, a copy which was sent to newsmen on Friday.

The statement noted that the senator has taken it as a tradition to dance at any event he attends instead of contributing meaningfully to National issues as a lawmaker of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

It chided him for, “taking the dignity of legislature for granted” adding that he is no more a private person, but a public office holder of high echelon in Nigeria.

“The routine dance of the Senator representing Osun West senatorial district is becoming a big embarrassment for people of his constituency and Nigerians as a whole.

“Instead of making appreciable contribution constructively to nation-building, Senator Adekeke is busy dancing across the country rather unabatedly.

“The place of legislature in a democracy is too important and serious for any of its member to resort to a mere entertainer and official dancer.

“This attitude of the lawmaker is highly unbecoming of a man with that political stature, this must stop as a matter of importance and exigency.

“There is a limit to how a politician could go to impress the people outside the specified statutory obligation through performance; the earlier the senator knows that his dancing step is no more catching the fancy of anyone the better for him, ” the statement said.

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  1. Eniwealth Solomon says

    Those who are against a human dancing will b cursed for life. That’s so stupid to say! He can dance anyhow he wants. Ur father does not dance? Idiots. The group should be dissolved. They r aimless.

  2. Michael Chibuike Enyi says

    What the hell is wrong with some people in this country? How is another Man’s personal life a problem to them? Can’t they see the herdsmen killings and other evil things that is go on in this country to talk about? He can dance any how he wants, that shouldn’t be anybody’s cup of tea.

    1. Adelakun Adunni says

      God bless you jare

    2. Ker Jessica Terdoo says

      Tell all them my dear

  3. Chinwendu Chinwendu says

    may be is because he is not an Apc senator

  4. Samuel Odihi says

    leav him all our senators re comedian so noting wrong if one out of them decide to be dancer .

  5. Migil Farm Holdings says

    A lot of Nigerian are big fool…what is your business with Adeleke dancing stuff??? Does is dancing put food on your table?? If he stop dancing will it alleviate the poverty in your family and Nigeria… I know APC will want to use is dancing stuff to rubbish PDP in Osun State… But, it is all lies cos Governor Aregbesola is the best legacy in dancing competition…. He even join primary school students and wear school uniform with long shocks and danced to Davido Skelewu song in Nelson Madella Freedom Park!!!! He danced like mind your business haters!!!! Stop critizing Ademola Adeleke about his dancing stuff and learn how to mind your business….

  6. Oluomachi Mauricea says

    Abeg make una leave my second daddy alone oooo,daddy dance more let heaters hug transformer..they re enemy of happiness ..

  7. Ben Chendo says

    Nigerians always too busy doing nothing. That Sen. Adeleke is highly gifted .If you doubt it ,try your own dance steps. If it is in US ,he will get many awards but here he will be castigated .

  8. KelvinEtinosa Omorowa says

    To me if the man is not doing well in political area they should caution him on that but by dancing I think is not embarrassing anybody or nation because every individual has his/her own hobby

  9. Meenel Mulbah says


  10. Sanusi Muydeen says

    Come 2 osun apart 4rm his generousity, majority of pipu love him with dis dancin step, so we dont vote 4 him 2 go nd fight, or climb house fence if u sad d way he make himself happy go 2 hell

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