Ex-NNPC worker who killed 22-yr-old man for dating his daughter sentenced to death in Calabar

A Cross River State High Court sitting in Calabar on Wednesday sentenced a retired worker of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, Mr. Godwin Elewana, to death by hanging.

The court found Elewana guilty of the murder of a 22-year-old pupil, Douglas Ojugbo, on March 10, 2015 over suspicion that the victim was having an affair with his daughter, Mercy.

Elewana, who had been in prison custody since 2016, was arraigned on one count of murder in case no. HC/9C/2015.

The presiding judge of the court, Justice Ukpa Ebitam, said the prosecution team, led by Mr. Eneji Amajama, a Deputy Director in the Department of Public Prosecutions in the state Ministry of Justice, proved its case that the accused committed the crime.

Ebitam listed the several confessional statements, hospital reports and other exhibits presented in the course of trial as reasons the accused was convicted.

He said, “The prosecution team was able to establish ingredients of murder against the accused. On whether it was the act of the accused that caused the death of the victim, the prosecution team placed reliance mostly on the confessional statement of the accused…clearly, the statement linked the murder to the accused.

“The prosecution team also proved the second ingredient of murder which was the intentional act. To have fired the victim twice with his pump-action gun, I agree that the killing was intentional. I hereby find the accused person guilty of murder.

“Subject to Section 319 of the Criminal Code of Cross River State, any person who commits murder is sentenced to death by hanging.”

Moments before the verdict was given, the defence counsel, Mr. Clement Ukaegbu, had pleaded for leniency.

Ukaegbu’s position was supported by another lawyer, Mr. Orchardson Umoh, who pleaded with the judge to temper justice with mercy on the grounds that the convict had a good religious standing and high integrity in the society.

Shortly after the verdict, the leader of the prosecution team, Amajama, said the law had taken its course.

He said, “I thank God that we have industrious and sound judges who still uphold the rule of law. Today, the parents of the deceased would have some respite that the law of the land took its course.

“This judgement will serve as a deterrent to others that you cannot do what is wrong and go away with it and I think that our society will be better for it.

“The accused was tried under Section 319 of the Criminal Code of Cross River State. Under this section, the judge does not have the right to give him life imprisonment or any other jail term. The judge has just done what the law stipulates.”

The mother of the victim, Mrs. Maria Ojugbo, said, “I thank God for doing what should be done. It is stated in the Bible that anyone who kills by the sword, will die by the sword. Elewana had no reason whatsoever to kill my son in such a manner and conceal the act by burying him. It was Almighty God that gave approval for this judgement.”

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  1. Okboi Jo says

    The man is so wicked how could he kill someone for dating his daughter

  2. Ugobuzoo Countwell says

    Any girl you are having affair with and his parent did not support you..My dear run for your life..Becos bible said that who ever find a wife find a good thing he shall receive favor and blessing from God..If the both parents did not support,My dear is curse you are attracting in your marriage life..There is no blessing in ur marriage.See how this young man was killed becos of Woman..Since then the girl in question has continue enjoy her life..But the guy is death and roasted..So pls dont take a someone daughter like you are the owner becos love..Who love help..

  3. Ku'je Gabriel Stephen says

    Kill him too so dat he will feel wat dead is

  4. Usman Gazali says

    Let him marry his own daughter

  5. Emmanuel Ozor says

    Why this man is too mad to kill him o my God

  6. Egbayelo Gbenga Justus says

    He see the guy like a rival.

  7. Harco Holdings says

    Friend not Bay force, if the family don’t want you simple move away

  8. Praisey Sticks Thankgod says

    What an unlucky girl…lost ur dad and ur boy friend at the same time

  9. Effiong Ikpeme says

    Kill a killer

  10. Princess Sarah says

    Wick man pls kill him

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