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Married FRSC officer allegedly raped 9-year-old girl consistently in Benue state

A married Federal Road Safety officer is being accused of consistently raping a 9-year-old girl in Benue state.

The man, who is also a father himself, is alleged to have started raping the girl when she was 8. He was finally exposed after a groundnut hawker caught him in the act and threatened to expose him.9-year-old girl allegedly raped consistently by married Federal Road Safety officer in Benue state

At the threat from the eyewitness, the FRSC officer allegedly began to beg her not to say anything. This caught the attention of neighbors who wanted to know what he was asking her to keep a secret.

When the groundnut seller eventually opened up, the FRSC officer allegedly denied it but neighbours said it was suspicious that he was begging the girl. If indeed he wasn’t guilty, then he would have had no reason to beg the girl, they said.

The case was reported to the victim’s father and he took her to the hospital for tests where it was found that she has been violated. At this point, the suspect began bringing people to beg the victim’s father on his behalf.

The suspect was eventually arrested but later released on bail and at the moment nothing is being done to investigate further and ensure that justice is served.

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  1. Rahama Hamzah Sani says

    End of discussion

  2. Mike Ovayero says

    What??? That’s unsafe act.

  3. Haywards Haywards says

    Discussion continue

  4. Idrees Aboobaqar says

    I dont think dat wil b classified as rape in Benue. He consistently had sex wt an under age should b d appropriate topic.

  5. Jerry Wapdang says

    Road safety with a rifle? Can you reconcile this!

  6. Selena Mammy says

    Hmmmmm, I hope he has a girl child, because karma will take his course

  7. Isiaka Olasunkanmi Rasaq says

    Na Buhari cause it……..everything that is wrong in Benue is PMB’s fault.

  8. Tauhid Baba Usman says

    Fake news

  9. Jeremiah Baba Adamu says

    Wow! Where is FRSC boss?

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