Young lady who gained admission @15, graduated @19, lists achievement as she clocks 20

A Nigerian woman, Ogbonna Rita who turned 20 yesterday, 15/05/2018 has taken to Facebook to list her achievements.

Ogbonna Rita Prudent Chinwendu said she got admission into the university at the age of 15, four years later she graduated aged 19.

Soon after graduation, she got a good paying job in Lekki, and as she turns 20 today, she has gotten an apartment of her own. Rita says she is now getting ready to go for NYSC.

Beautiful Nigerian lady lists her achievements as she turns 20
Ogbonna Rita

She wrote:

God has shown me GENUINE LOVE
Love that superceeds all other loves !!!
At Age 15,I was admitted into a higher instution.

As young as I was,God saw me through.
Good grades became my surname!!!
At age 19 he made me a graduate with flyng colors as my birthday gift.
At same age 19 he blessed me with a good paying job in lekki
And now,at age 20,he has given me an apartment as my birthday gift!
Mama got my back

Beautiful Nigerian lady lists her achievements as she turns 20

Her post immediately garnered attention after it was shared. Considering the current state of the nation, most young people her age are still struggling to finish university due to constant strikes, and when they eventually graduate, getting a job doesn’t come easy.

Beautiful Nigerian lady lists her achievements as she turns 20

Hence, Rita’s achievements are considered a huge feat by most social media users who commented on her post.

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  1. Rich Ways says

    Who ur papa help

  2. Bharmedayleh Horlahmeday says


  3. Benita Umeh says

    U lied,that means u didn’t go to nursery school and u finished primary school b4 8/9 years and finished secondary school b4 or at abt 14.This is just rough work I did but in all,let’s stop sharing trash and nonsense news,Vidi360 try to share/broadcast sensible and relevant news,kids doesn’t read news but mature people with brain and not mentally disabled.

    1. Ogechukwu Lydia says

      Even Nysc she no do…

    2. Harlee Rihann says

      Mydear is possible becos I gain admission 16y

    3. Benita Umeh says

      Harlee at what age did u finish ur primary.

    4. Benita Umeh says

      Infact,break it down from ur nursery till u gained admision into the university .which means u started primary at abt 2 or 3 years and also didn’t attained nursery or is there any other way u did it.

    5. Obarakpo Akpevwe Lawrenta says

      Madam Benita Umeh , students sometimes jump classes both primary and secondary school……..,
      So it’s very possible

    6. Obarakpo Akpevwe Lawrenta says

      Madam ogechukwu Lydia she said nysc loading……… Which means she is among the next badge

    7. Obarakpo Akpevwe Lawrenta says

      All her academic achievement could be very possible…….you never can tell her background, what I mean is that she could have graduated from a private university # no strike #

    8. Mercy Ejiro says

      It’s possible sir,very

    9. Adebola Tunolase says

      Y are u talking like u are not in Nigeria she can written jss 3 waec at jss1 and written Senior waec in ss1 if the result sure for her at the same time register for jamb with money and connection everything possible my dear

  4. Agnes Damisa says

    Eh wats d big deal my coz is doin her nysc @19

  5. Adijat Olasumbo says


  6. Aransiola Omotoyosi says

    Am so happy for you dear,mine will come soon

  7. Esther Chizoba says

    This is a lie. …..those it mean you didn’t go to nursery school. …

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