The tightness of a woman’s private part is not related to the number of sexual partners she has had – Study reveals

The tightness of a woman’s v*gina is not related to the size or amount of the joysticks that have been inside it. This thing is nothing but myth. It’s a myth that a woman’s v*gina becomes permanently stretched out from having sex with a man with a large joystick. After each sexual encounter, the v*gina contracts to its original size, and it has no lasting stretching from a large joystick.

The only way that a woman’s v*gina may stretch significantly is after she has a baby, and as you know a baby is much larger than any human joystick.

The tightness of a woman is related to the following

#1 The muscle tone in her pelvic region

#2 When a woman’s v*gina feels very tight during s*x, often it is either dry because she is not aroused, or her muscles are contracting because she is anxious or maybe not interested in sex. If your girlfriend’s v*gina feels loose (and she’s not a mom), then that could mean that she is easily turned-on and very interested in having sex with you. When a woman is highly aroused, her vagina lubricates, then lengthens and expands in order to allow a joystick to penetrate easily



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