Man Buys His Daughter N35m BMW, Got Her A Job, An Apartment After Graduating At 23 (Photos)

Talk about unconditional love, this father surely deserves some accolades!

A young twitter user took to the platform to express her gratitude over her supporting father.

So the lady just graduated, and the father surprised her with a Brand New BMW Z4. As if that’s not, he got a well paying job, and also an apartment.

Read what she wrote below:

A single Father who managed to take me to the best private schools all my life until graduation, a father who has given me nothing but the best, a father who has already presented me with a fully paid house(Fully furnished), a father who gave me my first job. At 23???now this

My Dad?????????? Look at what this man did for his daughter, a whole car????

Photos below:



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