Recently wedded Dangote’s son-in-law, Jamil Abubakar, reportedly impregnates side chic

Dangote’s new son-in-law Jamil Abubakar allegedly impregnates side chic identified as Chiamaka Nwachukwu; She raises alarm, says “if anything happens to me or the baby, he’s responsible”

A new mother is claiming Dangote’s new son-in-law, Jamil Abubakar is the father of her 7-week-old son but claims he’s trying to silence her because he wants nothing to do with her or the baby.

22-year-old Irene Chiamaka Nwachukwu said Jamil never mentioned to her that he was involved with someone else when they got intimate. She said she only found out he was getting married to Dangote’s daughter after she was already pregnant with his baby. She was 8 months pregnant when the society wedding of Jamil Abubakar and Fatima Dangote held.

Jamil Abubakar’s alleged baby

Now, she’s claiming that Jamil wants to keep her quiet after the baby was born and came out looking like him. She says he wants nothing to do with her and the baby and wants to pay her off so she can leave the country with the baby and never contact him again. But their lawyers have not been able to come to an agreement and she’s scared she and her baby might be in danger.

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“I fear for my safety and that of my baby because this whole situation is becoming too messy and overwhelming,” she wrote.

She added: “Let it be known to the general public that should anything bad happen to I or the baby, this man is responsible!!!”.

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  1. Joshua Simoninnocent says

    Their business

  2. Crystal Jonathan says

    Heyyyy…brother u aff die

  3. Akeremale Jessie says

    Young Kovú come see some thing

  4. Ifenna Godwin Agbodike says

    U are a big fool for dating housa man

  5. Vincent West says

    Why did you throw your legs wide open to extend of getting pregnant for a man that isn’t your husband? You thief! Go and die with ur bastardized child

    1. Prince TheSpectacular says

      How is she a thief? She played her card well abeg. Afterall she can be second wife . Muslims used to marry more than one wife na

  6. Dagunduro Samuel says

    Wetin concerned me with that one. Abeg post another thing

  7. Olabamidele Oyindamola says

    Casala don burst! Dangote’s son is in danger, who am i to put mouth for wetin no concern me?
    Izz she my side chick? …mtcheeeew

  8. NiNo Blinkzx Obi says

    The guy no get sence

  9. NiNo Blinkzx Obi says

    Just pray DAT dangote dota is already pregnant for u but if not u av missed ur luck for lifr

  10. Moses Olaoluwa says

    That gurl suppose use them as office b4 she go comot the belle

  11. Winifred Ene says

    The wedding gown did not even fit her at all see how she look like

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