5 Types of Terrible Bosses Who Think They’re Doing a Good Job

Incompetence and bad behavior often trump true leadership, and this unfortunately can affect our work lives. Here are five types of bad bosses—and how to deal with them

2. The Manager Who Doesn’t Let You Work With Others (Ever)

Your organization has a lot of departments and different perspectives. You think the project you’re working on would benefit from cross-functional teamwork.

Your boss doesn’t. He might tell you that it’s better to involve others at the 11th hour. He might say that everyone is busy with other priorities. All of that may be true to some extent. But if his lack of support for collaboration is creating silos, something has to change.

How to Deal

Take the conversations offline and out of the office. Make a point to visit other departments regularly. During lunch or after work, share whatever exciting projects you and your team are working on that may impact the entire company. Transparency and truth are keys to success and to being a real leader (whether you have the title or not).




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